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Demons… Such Afflicted Creatures…

Have any of you ever wondered why demons always seem to be in such foul moods? Well I can tell you. It is because they are tortured creatures. Constantly afflicted by their various penances and the burdens of being a demon. I couldn’t tell you what those tribulations and burdens are, however it’s a fair bet that they suck, because they always seem angry, miserable, hateful, jealous, spiteful, etc., etc, etc.

As a result they are often shown to be evil, malevolent, scheming, deceitful, sadistic, and just plain ‘orrible. And the only explanation I can come up with is that they are perpetually miserable, and misery loves company. Which you can probably discern from the expression on this unfortunate creatures none to pleasant mug:

Afflicted Demon Trapped Skull Fantasy Broadsword

Afflicted Demon Sword

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Notwithstanding the obvious malice emanating from this dudes grill, I have to say he makes for a really great sword ornament. When I first saw this design, I knew I liked it, though I’m still not sure exactly why. I’d like to say that it’s because of it’s simplicity, but it really isn’t particularly simple. Especially not it’s name.

Afflicted Demon Trapped Skull Fantasy Broadsword? OK, so at least we know why this Gene Simmons wannabe demon is ornery today. He (or his skull at least) has been trapped (we think) inside this sword. Where the rest of him is, we don’t know. However it’s a good bet he’s not happy about it. I’m equally sure he’s none to pleased about having his skull trapped in a “Fantasy broadsword” Yeah. Right. If this is a broadsword, I’ll, I’ll, … Bah! Use your imagination…

Back to the sword… It starts of with a fairly interesting but subtle blade profile, featuring a pretty cool looking point, and a rather prominent fuller that extends to a slight flare in the blade just before the hilt. Interestingly this does not appear to be a ricasso, but rather just an edged continuation of the blade, sans the fuller and taper.

This straight section runs right into the hilt, and our aesthetically challenged, horned buddy, the afflicted demon hisself. Atop his head, forming a cross guard are actually two outstretched, and wickedly taloned fingers. All the better to poke your eyes out with! Mua ha hahah ah ha… *cough*…

Continuing down, we have a cast metal grip, made to look like a leather thong wrap. though we all know that is not going to feel anything like a leather thong wrap… But that little attempt at demonic deception that calls itself a grip finally gives way to a rounded pommel, with four downward curving talons, each at one corner of the pommel ball each one in an alternating offset from the next.

Now I liked the blade without reservation. And interestingly enough, even though I generally dislike excessive detail in a hilt, this one seemed kinda… Cool. Wicked. Maybe it’s sinister aura has entranced me… Perhaps I am easily seduced by the dark side… Perchance I am being subconciously punked by Mr afflictiohead for my irreverence… Who knows…?

Afflicted Demon Trapped Skull Fantasy Broadsword – [True Swords]

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