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The Grim Reaper shows a little style.

Custom knife designers are known for thier off-the-wall creations. And some are more off-the-wall than others. And then there are those who just steal weapons designs from other sources. I’m sure you are all familiar with Death. Yes. Death.
You know, the tall, sombre, enigmatic figure, suffering from a rather extreme case of chronic bulimia, in the black robe with the over-sized scythe, that purportedly reaps our souls when we die? AKA the Grim Reaper? Well today we will be looking at a weapon, by crazy knife designer Tom Anderson, that, from the looks of it, was stolen from the grim reapers weapons locker:

The Kultovator

Kultovator - Tom Anderson
[view full size]

Well what can I say. Lets take it from the top. This is a half size scythe, with a half sized blade, presumably to make close quarters soul reaping easier. And it’s got a lot of cool modern touches. The blade is wickedly hooked, beak like, almost like an oversized Kama blade. All the better to reap you with. And the head is just fantastic. The three rearward spikes, the futuristic black and white patterned cheek of the weapon, it’s all so very contemporary in a “Death for the new Millennium” kind of way.

Below that, however, it all goes freaky really, really, fast. The shaft of this scythe looks almost like someones spine was used as the shaft. And capped of by a skull. Quite possibly from the same unfortunate soul who became the shaft. All very gruesome. In a cool, dark kind of way, of course. Not that I’m trying to make light of a weapon of Death. I do, in fact, have a very well developed sense of self preservation. (In spite of how I may come across.)

Anyway, I don’t know about you, but it looks to me as though the grim reaper has been experimenting with a new Scythe design. And you can tell from the name that Tom Anderson TOTALLY ripped off the Grim Reaper. (Like how I did that little redirection? Sweet right? Yeah. Now old man Death can be mad at Mr, Anderson instead. Uh huh. I’m good like that.) Come on Kultovator? Like Kultovating Souls for reaping? OK, so that was reaching a bit. But I still say he stole a page from the reapers playbook…

The Kultovator by Tom Anderson – [Red Dragon Swords]


Another Big Honkin’ Video Game Sword…

I am a big fan of computer games. My favorites are first person shooters. I like testing my reflexes and cunning against others on-line. Only one problem though. There are very few sword-based FPS games. RPG (Role Playing Games) such as WOW (World Of Warcraft), on the other hand, often have a dizzying plethora of bladed weapons from which to choose.

Axes, Swords, Knives, Spears, you name it, they have it. And given my love of variety in weaponry, I have more than once asked myself whether I was playing the wrong type of game. But after about an hour of walking around hacking away at peons, I’m quickly reminded why I don’t. They bore the living daylights outta me!!!

However, they are great fodder for creative weapon designers, as the Final Fantasy line of Busters and Gunblades has proven. And here is yet another entry in the video game weaponry arsenal:

Gaerts Sword

Gaerts Sword
[view full size]

Gaert is a character from the CORPG (Competitive/Cooperative Online Role-Playing Game) Guild Wars. And this is his sword. And what a sword. I think the thing I like most about it is it’s brute, raw, almost animalistic appearance. The blade has a rather wicked, organic shape to it, with a mean looking hook just before the point.

The grip has a criss crossed pattern, across it’s length, with a broad sweeping beak-like guard, and a similar birds head/beak theme for the pommel. At first glance I couldn’t really tell why i liked this sword so much, but after describing it, I think I have an idea. It looks like a great big bird of prey, rendered in cold, hard steel. I love these things…


A reader pointed out in the comments that this sword has nothing to do with Guild wars. After a little research, I found out, sure enough, that There was no such character as “Gaert” in the Guild Wars game, and this sword was a figment of an overenthusiastic sword designers imagination. While I’ll give the designer props for designing a a really cool sword, I am not impressed. This is not the first time that I have run into swords bearing references to game or movie characters they had absolutely nothing to do with. And I’m sure it won’t be the last.

However I do have a few choice words to say to all you sword designers who like to make a blade and then slap whatever unrelated but popular name you can think of on it in order to boost your sales: You suck like 3 month old rocky mountain oysters. There.

*end update*

Gaerts Sword – [Red Dragon Sword Co.]


Yet another red dragon sword..

Not too long ago, I posted about an interesting sword, the Dragon Scimitar which had the most notable distinction of having a red blade. I was suitably impressed with it, but didn’t expect to come across any other similarly colored blades any time soon. Boy was I wrong!:

Dragons Wrath

Dragons Wrath
[view full size]

Surprise! Another red blade. Now I found this particular sword is interesting for two reasons. First, because this sword design is a nearly exact duplicate of another sword I have posted about called the Mithrodin, save for the fact that this one has a polished grip and a dragon pommel. I won’t go into the reasons why I like this design here, as I went through it pretty thoroughly in the Mithrodin post.

The second reason is that, compared to the original, the red blade is actually an improvement, perhaps even more so than a black blade might be, which is something I am actually surprised to find myself saying. I also find it interesting that so far, pretty much every single red bladed weapon I have come across, this, the Dragon Scimitar, and Zar’roc has featured some relationship with dragons, either in name or origin which, to be quite honest, is a little baffling. It’s not as if a Dragons would prefer a red sword over any other color. But I digress.

I am honestly looking forward to seeing a few more weapons with this blade treatment, though I doubt that it will be a common occurrence…

Dragons Wrath – [Red Dragon Sword Company]


A no frills battle axe.

Battle axes are some of the most brutish weapons out there. Their sheer size and heft makes them a match for even armored opponents, who can be damaged by the impact of the weapon alone, even if the edge doesn’t actually penetrate the armor.

But all of this comes at the cost of speed. Battle axes are not the fastest weapons on earth. But I love them anyway. I’m not sure why, but as far back as I can remember, every time I sketched a weapon design on a piece of paper, it was of a double edged battle axe, or D-BAX as I like to call them… 😉

Which brings me to the topic of todays post. I found a D-BAX whose design looked remarkably like one I had sketched many years ago:

Double Edged Battle Axe

Double Bladed Battle Axe
[view full size

Yeah. That’s pretty much what it looked like. Except that the variations I created always either had a simple flat, rounded or pointed pommel. I really like this design. Probably because it looks like a horned bat. I always had a thing for organic looking weapons. I also had a variation with just one point in the middle.

Anyway, I thought I would post this becuause it is actually a very good example of the kinds of DBAX I would make, right down to the finish on the steel. Though i might use wood or synthetic scales for the handle. And actually, with the technology available today, I would probably also make it jet black. (Of course!) But the basic shape would remain the same.

Some day, I think I’m going to start a little knife shop and make one of these myself…

Double Edged Battle Axe – [Swords of Honor]


Dragon claws!

Actually more like dragon knuckle talons, but whose keeping track? In the tradition of finger weapons like the Iron Reaver,  I present the Dragon Ring:

Dragon Ring

Dragon Ring
[view full size

Now I really like the aesthetics of this weapon. The little dragons head is well done, and the blade itself actually looks fairly sinister. And whose to say there weren’t vicious blade headed unicorn dragons back in the day?

My only gripe with this weapon is that, sadly, the ring is too small for anyone to have any real control over the blade. You could prbably cut someone if you back handed them, with it, (and you might cut yourself in the process) but forget stabbing and such, unless you have really, really, strong fingers. You’d probably hurt yourself worse than whatever it is you were trying to stab or claw at.

But it looks pretty cool. ‘Nuff said.

Dragon Ring – [Collectors Edge]


A beautiful sword for a beautiful but deadly lady…

A few posts back I introduced you to the shirasaya, which, for all intents and purposes, is an exercise in Japanese sword making minimalism. My kind of design. Well just happened to come across another stunning example of a black shirasaya, that I felt deserved a post. I present to you, one of the coolest designs I have ever seen in a shirasaya:

O-Ren Ishii Shirasaya

O-Ren Ishii Shirasaya from Kill Bill
[view full size]

The dark, lithe and lovely blade above is a reproduction is of the beautiful shirasaya used by the character O-Ren Ishii, a Japanese mafia boss, in the movie “Kill Bill”, played by equally stunning Lucy Liu. Now this shirasaya is special in quite a few ways. Let me count the ways… 😛

The most noticeable is it’s shape. You can see the mild s-shape that this shirasaya takes when sheathed. Sweeeet. 🙂 And then you have the almost elven sword like blade, with a large ricasso. A ricasso is unusual for a Japanese swords, but here it adds a more organic feel to the blade, much like the sword of Arya, which I found equally alluring.

And of course, the black laquer treatment of the scabbard and blade is just superb. All and all, I really like the elegance and simplicity of this swords design…

O-Ren Ishii Shirasaya– [True Swords]


A Dragon Scimitar

Today I encountered a rather unique blade:

Dragon Scimitar

Dragon Scimitar
[view full size]

 As you can see, this weapon in unique in many ways. Where to start. Ah. The business end of any bladed weapon. The blade, of course! In case your not sure what your eyes are telling you, yes, the blade is in fact colored red. A deep, deep red. becoming almost black towards the edges. This by itself is an unusual design. In fact I think the only other red bladed sword I have blogged about has been Zar’roc, from the movie Eragon. Though I have to admit it works much better better here.

As if the red treatment weren’t enough, the overall design of the blade is absolutely wicked. I’m betting this is the work of an elven swordsmith. Just love the sweeping curve of the blade. And then we have the guard. What a guard. This guard is designed with two blades, one on either sides, colored to match the blade. What’s even wilder is that it is attached magnetically, and can be removed and used as an impromptu hand weapon, thanks to some built in finger holes. Don’t know how practical it would be, but it’s crazy enough to get my vote!

Finally we have the black grip, topped off with a dragons talon butt cap. Overall, the red dragon theme has been done pretty tastefully. The only area that I thought went over the top a little bit, was the guard, which for some reason, got very poorly treated on the grip side, in order to accommodate the little removable magnet guard gimmick. Totally unnecessary. There are a lot more secure mechanical methods of doing the same thing, that would have allowed for a more seamless aesthetic. But I’ll give them an “A” for effort…

 Dragon Scimitar – [Collectors Edge]

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