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A Funky Spider Blade…

I’ve talked about a few weird and wacky blades in the past, but no surprise, there are an endless supply of them. Submitted for your review, yet another wacky blade, from the annals of the wacky knife kingdom:

Fantasy Spider Blade

Fantasy Spider Blade

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Now here, we have a blade that makes no pretenses about what it is. This is a Fantasy Spider Knife. Nothing more, nothing less. And while it isn’t really my style of blade, I wish other blades could be as honest…

So basically we have a black knife, with a very curvy blade… almost too curvy. And an almost equally curvy hilt. all thoroughly imbued with a spider theme. The blade actually reminds me of a Klingon weapon, (called the tajtIq) in shape. But I digress…

The blade has a spider and web silkscreen on it, which runs into the guard, a rather… interesting… affair, with what looks like scrollwork on one side and what I can only describe as more Klingon inspired shapes on the other.

Now usually with these kinds of contorted blades, the grip is almost unusable. But Interestingly enough, it actually appears to have a workable grip, with a secondary finger guard. A rather pleasant departure from the norm. The grip itself is all atwist with some black material that I cannot readily identify, and the pommel looks almost like a lyre with a spider web, sans spider, spun between it’s arms.

To be honest this blade is not really my cup of tea. But at least it was upfront about being a nondescript “Fantasy” blade, it wasn’t trying to be something else, it actually had a good grip design, which I would have much preferred to see on some of the other similarly contorted grips I’ve seen in the past, and most importantly, it was black.

What? Hey, it’s black. I Had to at least give it the benefit of the doubt…

Fantasy Spider Blade – [True Swords]

May 2008

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