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A spear to die for… Or on…

Many moons ago, I engaged in a little whine about a so called fantasy axe that looked more like a big knife with a (pointlessly, I might add) swivelling head. I remember thinking (and commenting) on how the design might make for a good spear head. Well guess what:

Sonjas Revenge

Sonyas Revenge Spear
[view full size]

OK, so the head on this spear isn’t exactly identical to the head on the Fantasy Axe. But it’s the same idea. It’s a double bladed, or more accurately a forked spear head, where each blade represents one side of the double pointed fork.

And a rather menacing fork it is. Notwithstanding the brownie points this weapon gets for having a black spear head, the overall contours of the spear are very… shall we say curvaceous? I mean seriously, just look at it. The spear head is all curves and points. In Phyreblade parlance that combination is commonly referred to as being “Dead sexeh”… *ahem*

But as I was saying, certainly an evil weapon. In the hands of a vengeful Amazon. Be afraid. Be very afraid… 🙂

Sonjas Revenge – [True Swords]


A “Tactical Ring” does not a Kunai make…

A couple of days ago I ran across an interesting fighting knife:

Black Ronin Kunai Style Fighting Knife

Black Ronin Kunai Style fighting knife
[view full size]

Now you all know I have a thing for Japanese weapons. And the idea of a “Kunai” style fighting knife is an interesting one. Contemporary kunai designs are, in fact, very close in aesthetic to the original Shangai knife upon which the infamous Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife is based. The Shangai knife had a short, pointy blade with a somewhat wide base. Kunai were similar except with a really wide blade. They also lacked sharp edges, but they weren’t really intended to be knives to begin with, so edges were unnecessary.

However, while it all sounds good in theory, traditional kunai design is not really fighting knife material. Seriously. The kunai evolved from a garden trowel. A workable weapon? Yes. Ultimate fighting knife material? Meh. Not so much, imho. Which is probably why this knife here has some rather interesting weaknesses.

Like for instance, the blade profile. Kunai have wide bases and sharp points. good for parrying, and thrusting. Not so good for slashing. The FS knife design solves that be having a relatively narrow blade across it’s length as well as a sharp point. This knife has… Errm… a belly? Yeah. Right. Good for slashing (and skinning unwary prey…) Not so good for thrusting. Even with that cool fake rear edge. Or the admittedly cool curve to the black cord wrapped grip. Or the spine cut outs that don’t look like they are particularly useful…

And then there’s that humongous ring. Yes, yes, we get it. It’s a “Tactical”, “Kunai style” ring. Looky here ppl. The kunai was a garden trowel. It’s primary feature was a leaf like blade shape. Not a ring. Seriously. In fact, some kunai didn’t even have a ring because the ring was a little more work to make. Honestly. How many garden trowels do you see today with huge rings like that? Eh? Pfft…

Now I think the folks that are marketing this thing were probably more interested in trying to squeeze as many cool Japanese terms as possible into the name, rather than actually duplicate any kind of specific functionality (Black Ronin Kunai? What is this supposed to be the weapon of a rogue samurai turned ninja? LOL… whut? Helloooo!! No…)

But by and large, while the design might work (in a pinch) for fighting duty, personally, I’d probably use this as a camp knife first… I’m just saying…

Black Ronin Kunai Style Fighting Knife – [True Swords]


Another Dark Sword…

If you recall, a several posts ago, I blogged about a dark sword, from Kit Rae canon, which seemed to have too much going on in it’s life for it’s own good. Well, today I ran into one of it’s cousins.

Black Sword of Darkness

Black Sword of Darkness
[view full size]

Now as you can see, it bears some of the trademarks of the stereotypical drama laden Kit Rae sword, (much like the last one) However the questionable family trait of being unbearably busy is actually quite muted in this particular relative. The design is a little more grounded, a little less flighty, and much more focused. You can actually see

Now the blade profiles on Kit Rae swords are generally quite the lookers, if a little narcissistic and this one is no exception. I find this one exceptionally notable in it’s simplicity. There is a beautiful combination of straight lines and subtle curves on this flat black blade. But as usual, the hilt is where all the action is.

This time around, there is actually a discernable theme! An i’m calling it the Demon Talons. 🙂 The pommel is made in the image of a rather irate looking horned demon, which sits atop a simple high gloss black grip with a mild swell in the middle. The grip runs into the unique guard, what I will call the “talons” of the demon.

The guard is basically a set of cool horned claws. Or clawed talons. Or taloned claws if you so desire. Your choice. 🙂 the point is, there are a set of what look like golden wing claws, atop the downward pointing black talons of the guard, at either side of the blade. I really like the overall combination if gold talons and black.

Now in all honesty, I still think the guard does indulge in what I would consider superfluous detail. I mean, I can understand the horn motif at the intersection of the guard and the blade, but I fail to understand why there should be some kind of serpent like creatures writhing around in the talons of the guard…

But to be fair these details are not overly distracting, and in the end I kinda like the swords overall demeanor. Yes, it could be simpler, but hey, life is never simple now is it… 😛

Sword of Darkness (Black) – [Medieval Weapon Art]


Vamp Hunts and Dhampirs and Swords… Oh My…

You may recall, many posts ago, (if you have been following along) I mentioned how many vampire slaying stories have a Dhampir, or half vampire (in contemporary media also called a “Daywalker”) as the lead protagonist, using their vampirically enhanced abilities in conjunction with their ability to resist factors that would traditionally kill normal vampires (such as daylight) as weapons against their full vampire foes.

Well, today we have the weapons of yet another such protagonist for scrutiny. The blades of none other than Rayne, vampire slaying femme fatale from the game BloodRayne:

Bloodrayne – Raynes Blades

Bloodraynes Blades
[view full size]

Just look at those curves. A long, double edged blade sporting a set of complex curves that just don’t stop, but somehow manage to end in a wicked looking point. And yes, I am referring to the blade, though Rayne isn’t exactly lacking in that department either, if you just so happen to be into haemophages and such. But most definitely my kind of blade. It’s a thing of beauty. I’ve loved the contours of this blade from the first second I saw them in the game.

While these are a rather evil pair of blades, they are not without their faults. For one thing, they are huge! Not the kind of thing that would be easy to carry around. But of course for the career vampire killer, there is always a good, and often unique, solution for such problems. Unfortunately the replica above, while the most practical I have seen, just does not do them justice. So I shall have to resort to game art. Let me show you what the harness for these blades are supposed to look like:

Bloodrayne 2 Game blades

Bloodrayne 2 Blades
[view full size]

Above is a pic of the dead sexeh duo themselves, Rayne and her blades. Totally killer. Literally. 🙂 As you can see, she’s got quite the set up going with those blades. A dual band bracer gauntlet setup, with the blades attached to a special swiveling hinge that allows for two degrees of vampire slashing freedom of rotation. In the game, she’s also able to lock the blades out of the way up by her elbows when she isn’t using them. No scabbard required.

But like I said, all is not perfect. As you can see from the pic, there really doesn’t seem to be a locking mechanism built into these things. So the whole locking thing is suspect to me. Not to mention that based on these pics, she would be locking it with the larger blade facing inwards. In my book, having a few razor edged feet of steel next to my skin would not be the preferred way to stow a blade. In fact it would make me downright nervous.

But then again she is a Dhampir, so she can probably afford to be hard core like that. Gotta respect any women who knows how to handle her blades like Rayne does… 🙂

Raynes Blades from BloodRayne – [King of Swords]


A Sweet Dragon Crossbow

Today we have yet another entry into Phyreblades Crossbow archives:

Medieval Dragon Crossbow

Medieval Dragon Crossbow
[view full size]

Now this is a sweet crossbow. It was made to replicate traditional crossbow design, however whoever made this put a lot of work into embellishing it with a Japanese styled dragon theme. And I must say, it does not disappoint.

The crossbow follows the standard design, except that the maker made the front, sides and bottom of the stock in the image of a dragon, replete with scales, whiskers and all:

Closeup – Medieval Dragon Crossbow

Medieval Dragon Crossbow
[view full size]

Here’s a picture of the underside of the crossbow, showing the detail of the scales and whiskers of the dragon:

Bottom – Medieval Dragon Crossbow

Medieval Dragon Crossbow.
[view full size]

All in all a very beautiful piece of work. I can sum it up in one word: Awesome.

Medieval Dragon Crossb0w – [All Things Medieval]


A Killer Energy Sword

Today we venture yet again into the world of replica video game weapons, and a hobbyists interpretation of a weapon from the wildly popular video game HALO:

Energy Blade from HALO

Halo Energy Blade
[view full size]

Now obviously, this is not an energy blade. This is what the original energy blade in halo looked like:

HALO – Elite Covenant Energy Blade

Halo Elite Covenant Plasma Sword
[view full size]

A very interesting concept, in the game, the Energy Blade (AKA Plasma Sword) is formed from a coronal energy discharge of some sort that worked in a similar fashion to that of a light saber. Anything touching the edge would be instantly superheated, which made it the equivalent of a hot knife through butter, except that pretty much everything else was butter… But I digress.

Since we obviously have not the technology to replicate plasma blades (or light sabers for that matter), the enterprising replica maker decided to use good old steel. A rather large chunk of stainless steel, in fact,  polished to a mirror shine. So no, it may not be a plasma blade, but yes, this could be almost as lethal as the real thing, were it to actually exist. Here’s another shot of the handywork:

Halo Energy Blade

Halo Energy Blade
[view full size]

Boy, look at the shine on that baby. I tell ya, I really wish the commercial production replica houses would put this much energy into making quality replicas of game and movie blades. They might end up being more expensive, but they would be worth every penny…

Halo Energy Blade (Covenant Elite Plasma Sword) – [Lionhearts Realm]


A Big, Black, Battle Axe.

In my last post I talked about the difficulties you might encounter if you attempted to behead someone with a scythe. Eh? No, like I said before, I do not spend my days idly contemplating how easy it would be to behead people with various weapons. I was just making a casual observation. Yes. Thank you.

Errr. Ok. Don’t take it the wrong way, but I just realized I’m getting ready to make a similar observation. See I came across this big axe. And it occurred to me. This would probably be the correct tool to use for beheading people… *ahem*… Look, it seemed like a good segue at the time OK? Whatever. No comments from the peanut gallery please…

Angry Happy Barbarian Battle Axe

Angry Barbarian Battle Axe
[view full size]

OK look. Forget about the beheading thing. Alright? There are cooler things to talk about. The Axe is big and black. All black. Black blade, black shaft, black pommel, the works. And it’s got a big black spear point atop the axe head. And it’s huge. And it looks like it means business. It’s like all kinds of big bad black axitude. I like that in an axe.

What I don’t get is this. Why did they have to call this an “angry” barbarian battle axe? Why not just a regular barbarian battle axe? Are angry barbarians easier to identify with? I mean it’s not like a regular barbarian would be any less inclined to kill you in battle. They would just as soon take your head as soon as look at you right? And with an axe like this it would be like shwing! And your head would be gone… errr..

What the… I heard that! Quit with the snickering already!! Ok that’s it. I’m done. You guys suck… Fine. I’m calling my therapist…

Angry Happy Barbarian Battle Axe – [True Swords]

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