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Elves Have Wicked Style…!!!

I’ve probably mentioned earlier how Elves are just da bomb diggity with sword design. They make really beautiful swords. Frost swords, organic swords, even ghost busting swords. And every new sword seems to outdo the last. The pair I’m going to talk about today are no exception:

Elf Warrior Dual Swords

Elf Warrior Dual Swords
[view full size

Now these swords are a thing of beauty to my eyes. Simply beautiful. To me, the most striking thing about them are the curves. Oh so subtle but beautifully coordinated. The clean transitions from one curved section of the blade to the next. The coordinated dance to the oh-so-sharp point.

And the fittings! The fittings are just icing on the cake. As you can see the ricasso is acid etched with a coral like pattern that extends a bit up the spine of the blade, and seems to continue down, through the handle, to the pommel of the weapon.

The guard is a gold plated aluminum sleeve, etched with a larger, but similar pattern. The guard juts out just below the ricasso, with an finger indentation just below it. The handle is wrapped, Japanese style, in faux black leather with black fittings. The design is just beautifully executed.

There is an intrinsic, almost paradoxical dichotomy about weapons like these that have always captivated me. These feral, sinister and wickedly vicious weapons, present such a sophisticated, elegant, aesthetically pleasing form.

Don’t know if I’ll ever figure out what twisted part of my soul attracts me to these kinds of things, but whatever it is, with weapons like these around, I can definitely say it will not get starved for entertainment…

Elf Warrior Dual Swords – [Collectors Edge]


Another Unique Dragon Spear.

With the number of “twin dragon” related weapons I have been coming across, I was not in any way, shape or form, surprised to find this dark little beauty:

Double Dragon Spear

Double Dragon Spear
[view full size]

I thought this was interesting because although it looks cool, it’s design is more or less a rather large deviation from traditional spear territory. I’ll explain in a second what I mean, but first things first. Lets talk about aesthetics.

I love the design of the blade. If you have spent any time reading this blog, you may probably have surmised that I like black blades. And in that department, this weapon is not wanting in the least. But even more interesting, is what they did to the blade.

Each end of this weapon has a very broad spear point, with both edges sharpened, and then fins or barbs cut into one side of the spear head. The base of the blade narrows a bit and then flares out into a set of small wing-like blades. The blade is attached to the black shaft with a fitting that looks like a small dragons head with it’s wings outstretched. I just love the overall effect.

Now lets talk functional design. This weapon is unique in three ways. First, the fact that it has blades on both ends of the weapon kinda pulls it on the fringes of traditional spear design. Not that many double ended spears around. Next is the length. This is a relatively short weapon for a spear. The double ended spears I mentioned earlier? Usually half size. With small heads. Short, huge headed double-ended spears? Not exactly a common occurrence.

Last, and most certainly not least, is the fact that the shaft of this weapon actually comes apart at the middle. “Comes apart you say?”. “Yep!” sez I. This weapon is actually two identical weapons joined into one. I suppose you could say they were two very short spears combined into one double ended, medium sized one. Though individually, they are so short, they’d be probably work better as small axes…

Altogether, I love this weapon. The fact that the spines on each of the blades point in opposite directions when in spear form is an added detail that just makes this that much cooler in my book. Probably because I like the idea that you can twirl it like a baton, and always have the the straight edge of each bade facing the same way every revolution. But that’s probably just my overactive sense of symmetry at work. Just ignore it…

Double Dragon Spear – [Top Swords]


Conjoined Twins… In steel…

I ran across an interesting variation of “twin swords” recently. A set of twin swords that shared a rather shikomizuesque quality…

Super Twin Swords

Super Twin Sword Combo
[view full size]

As you can see this sword is unique in that it is a set of matching swords, each designed to use the others grip as a scabbard, and when sheathed, they form a single staff. I actually know of one other weapon that operates in a similar manner, and is even closer in design to traditional shikomizue, but that is for another post.

The interesting thing about this weapon is that you can also join both swords together at the pommel to form a double edged short staff. This gives this weapon a rather large amount of flexibility in the number of different ways it can be used. Assuming, of course, that the connection mechanism is sufficiently sturdy (which is doubtful, given the short dimensions of the pommel connectors.)

They could be used individually, connected at the pommel as a double bladed staff, or fully sheathed, as a short staff or impact weapon. And the aesthetics aren’t too shabby either. the grips of each sword is finished in a gray on black scale pattern, with polished accents on the pommel and hilt. Overall a very simple and elegant look.

I like multi-form weapons like these. They are like really large swiss army knives…

 Super Twin Sword Set – [True Swords]


Halloween (or Cosplay) Treats…

Over the past year or so, during my frequent intarweb sojourn for interesting weapons, I’ve come across an inordinate number of wooden replicas of otherwise lethal weapons. Now I have to admit that the first time I saw them, I was a bit puzzled. I thought maybe they were safety weapons for the accident prone. Or ultra cheap knock offs. Or something similar.

It wasn’t until I happened to come across a couple of pics of Cosplayers (CosPlay or Costume Play – folks who dress up as anime or movie characters and gather are conventions of the same) wielding some pretty authentic looking weapons, (in wood) that I finally understood. BTW, if you are an anime fan, you might very well be impressed by how realistic these cosplayers look:

Here’s one of Naruto (one of my favorites):

Naruto Cosplayer
[click to view
The Endless Waltz’s flickr gallery]

Here’s a couple of the bad guys, Itachi (Mr. Red eyes on the right) and Kisame (Mr. Blue face on the left) (and yes, that is how they are supposed to look):

Itachi & Kisame Cosplayers
[click to view The Endless Waltz’s flickr gallery]

How about an Afro Samurai? (The hair isn’t quite big enough, but oh well… 🙂 ):

Afro Samurai Cosplayer
[click to view jpassionpats flickr gallery]

I was particularly impressed by this Blade cosplayer:

MorpheusBlades flickr gallery
[click to view MorpheusBlades flickr gallery]

And, of course, Morpheus and Neo…

Morpheus And Neo
[click to view MorpheusBlades flickr gallery]

I’ve linked the pictures above the to the flickr pages I found them on. Very cool. But more importantly, I realized that all of these folks had to use wooden weapons, since none are allowed to bring real weapons into a crowded cosplay convention hall. Mystery solved!

Also, since it is about Halloween, I thought I’d round up a few of the wooden movie, video game and anime weapons I’ve come across recently for your viewing pleasure. There are actually quite a few out there, but I thought these ones looked the best:

300 – Spartan Sword – Wood

300 Spartan sword
[view full size]


Naruto – Ninja Kunai – Wood

Naruto Kunai
[view full size]


Legend of Zelda – Links Sword – Wood

Legend of Zelda
[view full size]


Inuyasha – Bankotsu’s Banryu – Wood

[view full size]


Inuyasha – Inuyasha’s Tetsusaiga – Wood

Inuyashas Tetsusaiga
[view full size]


Bleach – Renji Abarai’s Zabimaru – Wood

[view full size]


Bleach – Ichigo’s Zangetsu Bankai – Wood

Zangetsu Bankai
[view full size]


God of War – Kratos’ Blades of Chaos – Wood

Karatos Swords of Chaos
[view full size]

I guess it’s cutting it close for Halloween, but if you plan on being one of these characters, or plan to cosplay any of these characters in the near future, these weapons actually do look good enough to perfect your look. And could save you from inadvertently relieving yourself or a friend, of a limb. Or of sight in one eye…


Meet… the Viscerator.

I recently came across another wrist mounted fantasy blade, much in the tradition of the Flying Dragon Claw, Critical Mass and Critical Mass II I blogged about many moons ago. This one was begging to be blogged because I ran into the same weapon on two (count ’em, 2) separate weapons sites, under two different names:

The Fire Guardian / Viscerator

Fire Guardian / Viscerator
[view full size]

What we have here folks, is a weapon that seems to have been living two lives. One life, a good and honorable Fire Guardian. The other life, a cruel and heartless Viscerator. One of these lives has a future… and one of them does not…


OK, if you actually picked up on the fact that the last paragraph includes lines from “The Matrix” then you aren’t in any position to mock me because you are just as much a nerd as I.

But getting back to the topic at hand, (or on hand, as it were) this Viscerator is a multi bladed weapon. It has a large blade above, attached to a handle bracketed on either side by two smaller blades, and above on either side, a set of long black s-curved blades.

Extending rearward, we have what looks to be a set of rather menacing spikes, a short one above, and a long one below, with a wrist trap attached on either side of the the junction between the bottom rear spike and the main bracket of the whole contraption. Though a little large and probably heavy, I could see this weapon being quite handy for underground, to-the-death cage fighting, much like the others.

However looking at that long rear spike, I am tempted to say that “Viscerator” is a good name for this weapon. Simply because it could very well eviscerate it’s wielder while in use. Talk about having no future. Epic Phail…


Introducing The “PhaserBlade”…

I was originally going to call this next weapon a gunblade. For reasons that will soon be obvious. Except that it lacked one of the primary features that make a gunblade so: An actual firearm. This blade is simply shaped like a gun. Actually, more like a futuristic hand held laser, or phaser. Hence the name “Phaserblade”. I’m probably going to have to come up with a new name if I run across a combination blade/phaser, but for now it sticks. (Because I say so. Hrrmph.) Allow me to introduce:

The Photon by Paul Ehlers

Photon by Paul Ehlers
[view full size]

Wicked looking innit? It looks for all the world like some kind of futuristic sci-fi personal phaser. With a nasty point. It’s got a pistol grip handle, on which the back strap splits off from the rest of the grip, it’s got a trigger finger recess and even a trigger guard. It’s just hasta be a futuristic phaser. Just gotta.

Assuming however, that there is no super duper secret super laser shooter in this thing (Hey look at that! I can rhyme!!) From a practical standpoint, this isn’t the most versatile weapon I’ve ever come across. I suppose it would work well as a push dagger, but beyond that, your choices are limited. Of course I doubt the designer had practicality in mind when he came up with this.

Still, even without the ability to stun (or vaporize) unsuspecting peeps from afar, I must admit it’s a pretty cool design. Enough swooshy lines, curves fins and points to make my good graces. Actually just one or two too many. But it still looks cool. And to top it all off, it’s black. Can’t beat black with a baseball bat. (HAH! I’m on a roll! 🙂 ) That’s what finally won me over…

Photon – [Collectors Edge]


Lunar Duplicates…

In keeping with the theme of dual hand weapons, I thought I’d talk about another weapon, much closer in form to the infamous “Twin Dragon” blades I talked about, but much much more practical:

Lunar Twins

Lunar Twin Blades
[view full size]

Now these blades certainly aren’t as flashy or stylish as the Twin Dragon blades. But what they lack in style, they more than make up for in practicality, an area that the twin blades were severely deficient in.

The general design of this weapon really has few shortcomings. It consists of a pair of forward facing blades, connected by the leather wrapped handle with a generous guard across the grip. Basically, it is the equivalent of carrying two knives, one in a hammer and one in a reverse grip, in each hand. I can see several advantages to this design.

You get the benefit of reach from the top blade, but do not have to sacrifice really close quarters power, as you have the reverse blade below to leverage when necessary. And it’s all capped of by a rather wide knuckle guard, which looks like it could easily do double duty as a knuckle duster. Very simple. Very effective.

*Edit* Another point I forgot to mention was the guards on these are both emblazoned with a very subtle dragon motif! This weapon actually deserves the title of Twin Dragon. Much more than the others I blogged about. And even though I’m not a big fan of extended trinomial nomenclatures, I’d even be okay with calling these “Lunar Twin Dragon Blades”…

Proof that keeping it simple actually works.

Lunar Twins – [Collectors Edge]

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