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Vamp Hunts and Dhampirs and Swords… Oh My…

You may recall, many posts ago, (if you have been following along) I mentioned how many vampire slaying stories have a Dhampir, or half vampire (in contemporary media also called a “Daywalker”) as the lead protagonist, using their vampirically enhanced abilities in conjunction with their ability to resist factors that would traditionally kill normal vampires (such as daylight) as weapons against their full vampire foes.

Well, today we have the weapons of yet another such protagonist for scrutiny. The blades of none other than Rayne, vampire slaying femme fatale from the game BloodRayne:

Bloodrayne – Raynes Blades

Bloodraynes Blades
[view full size]

Just look at those curves. A long, double edged blade sporting a set of complex curves that just don’t stop, but somehow manage to end in a wicked looking point. And yes, I am referring to the blade, though Rayne isn’t exactly lacking in that department either, if you just so happen to be into haemophages and such. But most definitely my kind of blade. It’s a thing of beauty. I’ve loved the contours of this blade from the first second I saw them in the game.

While these are a rather evil pair of blades, they are not without their faults. For one thing, they are huge! Not the kind of thing that would be easy to carry around. But of course for the career vampire killer, there is always a good, and often unique, solution for such problems. Unfortunately the replica above, while the most practical I have seen, just does not do them justice. So I shall have to resort to game art. Let me show you what the harness for these blades are supposed to look like:

Bloodrayne 2 Game blades

Bloodrayne 2 Blades
[view full size]

Above is a pic of the dead sexeh duo themselves, Rayne and her blades. Totally killer. Literally. 🙂 As you can see, she’s got quite the set up going with those blades. A dual band bracer gauntlet setup, with the blades attached to a special swiveling hinge that allows for two degrees of vampire slashing freedom of rotation. In the game, she’s also able to lock the blades out of the way up by her elbows when she isn’t using them. No scabbard required.

But like I said, all is not perfect. As you can see from the pic, there really doesn’t seem to be a locking mechanism built into these things. So the whole locking thing is suspect to me. Not to mention that based on these pics, she would be locking it with the larger blade facing inwards. In my book, having a few razor edged feet of steel next to my skin would not be the preferred way to stow a blade. In fact it would make me downright nervous.

But then again she is a Dhampir, so she can probably afford to be hard core like that. Gotta respect any women who knows how to handle her blades like Rayne does… 🙂

Raynes Blades from BloodRayne – [King of Swords]


Another Red Sword… Of Death… ;)

Today I have yet another entry into what I think I’d like to call the “Hallowed Halls of the Red Sword”. Sounds catchy eh? No? OK how about the “Hallowed Swords of the Red Death” Aha! That got your attention didn’t it! No? Pffft. Whatever…

Vampire Skull Feeding Sword

Vampire Skull Feeding Sword
[view full size]

OK, I found this sword interesting for a couple of different reasons. Notwithstanding it’s faux ominous sounding name (Vampire Skull Feeding sword? OK, enough already. What is that supposed to be? What kind of monumental dork named this?) it has some unique design features that I found particularly unique and pleasing to my admittedly unorthodox eye…

The hilt is reminiscent of your average medieval European design, with a few interesting little accent twists. The sword sports a simple cross guard (simple is good) mated to a band of circular flames that adorn the top of an equally simple black grip. this, in turn is capped off by a pommel featuring a simple flared butt cap, featuring what looks like a large vampire bat (I’m guessing here) with it’s wings partially spread. Dunno what it is, but I like it.

I cannot say the same for whatever it is they decided to slap on top of the ricasso/guard. I’m guessing (from the name they gave the blade) that it is supposed to represent some sort of vampire skull. I am not particularly impressed however. These kinds of gimmicks get old real fast. Thankfully the mask (or whatever it is) is removable, and can be strapped to your pet chihuahuas face for Halloween if needed. Cause all it’s doing is covering a section of the most important part of this sword, the all important blade.

They say the blade makes the man. Or something. Whatever. In this case the blade makes the sword. The blade possesses some of the straight and narrow lines that I like to see in a sword. But more importantly, it has a very cool color scheme. It starts out at the tip being a black blade, and then at about a third of the way down the blade, transitions slowly from black into a rich deep blood red blade all the way to the hilt. Coolness!

Overall, a nice looking blade, even though I could certainly do without the rather weak attempt to appeal to the haemophage enamored demographic…

The Red Sword of Death (Yes, that’s what I’m calling it. Deal.) – [True Swords]


Another Vanquisher of Vampires…

You’ll remember a while back I did a couple of posts about the proliferation of Vamp on Vamp crime in the media and such, and on the unique weapons they used. Well, I found yet another vampire-terminating sliver of soulless steel:

The Vampire Vanquisher

The Vampire Vanquisher
[view full size]

Now I am not a professional vampire slayer by any means. They don’t come round these here parts. So I never had to learn. But if I were, this would be the sword I’d use. Why? Because it’s cool. Obviously the first thing you notice is it’s basic cruciform shape. Built-in Vampire repellent right thar. Until you meet one ‘o them super master vamps, at which point that keen edge would come in mighty handy for some quick decapitation work. Or you die. Depending on how much you suck. Or how experienced the vamp is at sucking the life out of hapless humans. But I digress.

What I really like about this sword is it’s aesthetics. As I mentioned before, It has a really neat cruciform shape built into the ricasso/guard, but even cooler is that there are some wicked looking curved blades at the ends of the guards. A rather practical design, I reckon, that also enhances the aesthetics of the weapon. The guard and substantial ricasso are also etched with a cool looking set of runes, which add to the overall appeal of the weapon. Though I’m betting they’d be a pain to clean, should you happen to get vamp juice all over them.

Now maybe I’m nitpicking a bit, but the grip and pommel don’t quite cut muster in my oh, so humble opinion. It’s not that they’re bad, they’re just, umm…, meh. I’m not a big fan of colored grips. Unless it’s black. Then I’m all about it. The red grip? It’s just not me. And I’d actually be fine with the pommel, IF it didn’t have those funky, dangly hook things on them. Looks like a prime way to get the sword hooked on your clothing or something. Definitely wouldn’t be a good position to be in while battling a really hungry blood sucker.

But those are the only areas I have any complaints. The blade itself is simple, bearing the slender, fairly straight lines that I find quite appealing for this kind of sword. This, in combination with the other aesthetic features of the guard and ricasso, make up for it’s other shortcomings. Which might just be me being nitpicky. Hey! No comments from the peanut gallery! Ya can’t can’t blame me for wanting perfection out of my vamp slaying weapons. Even if I might never use them…

the Vampire Vanquisher – [Collectors Edge]


A Daywalkers Sword…

It’s time for me to introduce you to one of my favorite swords. The sword of Blade, The Daywalker:

Blade the Daywalker – Vampire Slayer Sword

The Blade of the Daywalker.
[view full size]

Now If you don’t recognize this, it is the sword used by the sunlight-immune vampire comic-book-turned-movie hero Blade. Now Blade is actually a Dhampir. Basically the product of a human mother and a vampire father. Or of a vampire bitten mother. Or some variation thereof. A dhampir generally possesses some combination of both vampire and human traits.

In this case, Blade manages to obtain their strength, speed, enhanced senses, slow aging and healing ability, at the hefty cost of a rather debilitating thirst for blood. But though he still thirsts for blood, he can stand the light of day, unlike his full blood cousins (thrice removed).

Don’t worry, I won’t recap his entire story, suffice to say he harbors what I’ll simply refer to as “a little animosity” to his full-blood relatives for his mothers suffering and his blood thirst. As a result, has dedicated himself to the full time task of hunting them all to extinction. With this very sword. Is that cool or what. I rest my case.

OK, I’ll admit that maybe the fact that Blade is one of my favorite movie characters might make my admiration of this sword just a tad bit biased. But I don’t think so. In fact there a couple of his weapons that I dislike. Such as his cyclone glaive and his sword whip thingy. The point is, this sword is cool whether I say so or not. (I insist.)

Anyhoo, I think the beauty of this sword lies in the simplicity of the blade. Very reminiscent of Anathros, or the Punisher sword, in it’s simplicity. Except this blade is a lot more substantial. Even the handle, which is a little more ornate than the rest of the sword, is simpler than most, and I like that about this weapon. This one even has a hidden blade in the handle. Cool stuff. Nothing compared to what the movie version of the sword could do, but good enough.

One last note. The site I found this sword on makes reference to this being a “ninja” sword. Again. What’s with the stupid “ninja” references. Hello!! You can’t just slap “ninja” in a weapons title willy nilly like that. It actually has to be a Ninja weapon in order to be able to do so validly.

Even if Blade was a ninja (which he’s not, even though he uses bo-shuriken like a pro), that is not a ninja sword. Nowadays It seems like whenever the marketing department of these sword manufacturers want to get more life or better sales out of a product, they slap on the trusty old “ninja” moniker. Idiots. Always tryin’ to ice skate up hill…

The Sword of Blade the Daywalker – [True Swords]


Vampiric Vampire Hunters…

Anyone who watches their fare share of Japanese animated vampire flicks will have noticed an interesting trend. The protagonists of said flicks usually tend to be vampires themselves. Usually very special vampires, like Dhampirs, (or day walkers), etc.

And they are usually some kind of either half-breed or ridiculously powerful full breed (usually a direct descendant of Count Dracula hisself) who have, for one reason or another, decided to turn upon their own kind. Much like the concept of demonic demon slayers I’ve talked about before, I find the idea of evil being the only way to battle evil (using fire to fight fire as it were) a common and rather interesting theme in Japanese animated culture.

But my goal is not to lecture you about Japanese culture. It is to talk about the weapon of one of the more recent additions to the list of animated vampiric vampire hunters, namely that of Saya from the anime Blood+.

Sayas Sword

Sayas Katana
[view full size]

Now this sword had a very unique design. The blade is actually offset downwards from the handle just after the hilt, and there is an edge on the rear of the bade that extends over the dropped edge and up to the hilt. It is an interesting design, but there is a reason for this particular design feature. Saya is actually a full blown Chiroptera however her blood has the unique quality of being poisonous to other Chiroptera in the series.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of her sword, she cuts her thumb on the rear edge of the blade, and allows her blood to flow into the fuller running the length of the blade prior to a cut. This was to ensure that any cut on an opposing Chiroptera would be lethal.

In practice, this particular design feature would be unnecessary and detrimental. Introducing sharp blade displacements of that nature usually only weaken a blade. it would have made more sense for her to use a straight, double edged blade, and cut her thumb on the rear edge, and then lay her thumb on the side. It would have achieved the same effect and allowed for a stronger sword. But then again that is just the stupid dork in me picking apart a fictional sword from a fictional anime series.

In spite of it’s structural shortcomings, it is a very good looking blade, and the design is very futuristic. It would also have the advantage of allowing cuts slightly closer to the hilt of the blade than would have normally been easy to perform with a straight sword. All in all, a very cool and purposeful looking sword. Worthy of a vampire who… slays vampires… Ahem…

Sayas Sword – [True Swords]


Some Contemporary Glaives.

Since I’m on a roll with the glaives, I thought I’d blog about a few more glaive designs. Today we will be looking at not one, but TWO of the more contemporary incarnations of the infamous glaive. Thats right ladies and jerks, today we will look at two modern and well publicized glaive designs, made famous by the comic vampire hunter Blade, and the resulting movies. I bring you none other than Blades Shredder and Cyclone Glaives.

Blade’s Glaives


Blades Shredder Glaive Blades Cyclone Glaive
[view full size] [view full size]

I won’t bother to recap my previous comments about the weaknesses of a folding blade, ’cause (assuming you have been following along) you now know them all. Right? Right? Oh Come ON!!. OK. You fail. Start this class again from the beginning. The rest of us are going to continue on. Those still with us are in for a treat, because the design of Blades Glaives present a unique set of potential problems, which we will cover today in class, one by one. Woot!

First off, you can’t see it from the pics, but Blades glaives are centrally spring loaded. The mechanism that keeps the blades secure in both the open and closed position requires a hub mounted spring in order to keep the blades in whatever position they are locked in. Personally I think this is a risky design move, especially for a weapon that experiences high impact or G forces, because the same forces could “pop” the mechanism on impact, causing the mechanism to fail. See if you can find an abused novelty store display model of one of these and you will see what I’m talking about. Just pray that after repeated use it doesn’t decide to fold up on you while still in your hand. Strike 1.

The second point to note on both blades, is the exaggerated size of the central hub around which the blades rotate to close. No doubt this is a direct result of the requirements of the centralized blade locking mechanism and the spring thereof. The resulting hub is large, unwieldy and eats up a huge section of the real estate that might otherwise have been used to hold it. Wheeee! Strike 2.

Which brings us to yet the third problem. That huge hub means that these glaives have no real handle. The Shredder glaive design does allow for a bit more hand room in the middle, but between the huge hub and the short blades, you would be hard pressed to throw this cleanly while still imparting enough rotation to make it stick in anything more solid than the seat of yer pappy’s overstuffed wing-backed chair. And it’d probably still bounce off that.

And just forget about trying the palm grip throw with one of these puppies, like Blade does in the movies. Much like the Beastmaster Glaive, it would very likely hang up in your hand or on your fingers on departure. Though unlike the Beastmasters Glaive, (if it’s any consolation), it probably remain open while it does so. Probably perform a 180° in your hand too, resulting in an “incident” that your idiotic friends may think hilarious at the time, but you might not find too humorous. Steeeeeerike 3! Yer Out!

All of this leads me to one undeniable conclusion. For any and all practical intents and purposes, the average hollywood glaive stinks! These particular designs, especially the Cyclone, are possibly some of the most impractical designs ever in the history of glaivedom. (Yes, I said “Glaivedom”. This is my glaivesphere, and I can use whatever glaivey word I want. Glaiveify at will, if you will. Now back to the Glaivespiel at hand. Glaiveisms Rule!! Ha!)

But practical considerations aside, these glaives (heh, heh, heh, I said “Glaives”…) do appear quite menacing, and that is a quality that can stand on it’s own merits. They look… mean. Especially the Shredder. Just don’t go confusing them for athletes when they are really just runway models… Doing so could literally come back to bite you in the proverbial ol’ hiney…

Blades Shredder Glaive – [Medieval Weapon Art]
Blades Cyclone Glaive – [Medieval Weapon Art]

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