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Snake Eyes… No Dice…

Today, we go back into the annals of Saturday morning cartoon history. I read that G.I. Joe was a big thing for kids of the 80’s. I wouldn’t know anything about that : P.

But I do know that one of the primary heroes of this old school animated series was none other than… a Ninja. Snake Eyes could possibly have been Americas very first animated Ninja hero. But what makes this particular ninja important to us dark-bladers is that he had a pretty sweet black sword.

Snake Eyes Ninja Sword.

Snake Eyes Ninja Sword
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Now that, my friends, is what I call a sinister looking sliver of black steel. But from a practical perspective there is one design feature that I think would weaken the overall strength of the blade. The narrow blade section above the handle.

The section that has been removed from the spine would certainly lighten the sword considerably, and while transferring the center of mass forward, but at the same time it would introduce a structural weakness into the blade, especially at the ingress point just above the serrated spine section if the blade.

I suppose if you were an Uber Commando Ninja like Snake Eyes, this would be of little consequence, as his enemies would have been forcibly separated from life before ever being aware that he was there, much less that his sword possesses a weakness of any sort. But forgive my idle speculation.

In spite of the mechanical shortcomings of the design, there is so much I love about this sword. The sword incorporates a beautiful combination of sweeping curves and abrupt lines, combined in a very complementary way.

The short saw toothed section on the back edge adds to the utilitarian effect of the sword. Even the narrow section removed from the spine, adds to the no-nonsense aesthetics of the blade, as does the simple guard, and the elegantly carved curving handle.

It is as beautiful to me as it is sinister. Which, in my twisted little mind, are in fact the same thing.

No, I don’t need therapy. I can separate the two whenever I want. Really.

No, really…

Snake Eyes Ninja Sword – [Medieval Weapon Art]

September 2020

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