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An Atlantean Bowie…

You’ve probably all read or heard of the legendary city of Atlantis. Yep, yep, you know, the one about the city that like, drowned itself or something? What? That’s not what happened? Ok, ok, Fine. Maybe they didn’t drown themselves. Whatever, they’ve fallen (into the sea), and they can’t get up… Heh… I slay me… ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok, ok, I’m sorry. It’s just that the Atlanteans are considered a joke race among us Balrogs. Seriously, what kind of dumb race destroys themselves? Oh, wait… you all are humans right… Never mind, don’t answer that… Anyhoo, legend has it that the Atlanteans were almost as powerful as we (the Maiar, of course) were…

(Yeah, I said “almost”. They’re all sleeping with the fishes now, so let’s see you prove me wrong ๐Ÿ˜› ) At least until their rather unfortunate accident that ended in a race wide dirt water nap…

But they supposedly had some cool weapons. Perhaps nothing as cool as the stuff us fire demons cook up, but interesting nonetheless. And I think I’ve found one:

Ocean (Atlantean) Bowie

Ocean (Atlantean) Bowie

OK, so the site I found it on calls it an Ocean Bowie. But I’m sure we all know the truth. It’s just a poorly disguised Atlantean bowie. I suppose they were trying to be sensitive to the unfortunate plight of the Atlanteans, but as one of the first races to win a civilization-wide Darwin award, I wouldn’t have bothered. *cough*…

Anyway, it’s certainly an interesting blade. A single piece, full tang construction, with sea blue patterned wood scales strategically pinned on a retro futuristic profile. The blade itself is actually not bad. A couple of unnecessary cutouts and perforations on the spine and the blade, but meh.

Beneath the blade and what I’m going to call the ricasso, is an interesting blade extension, that looks a lot like a fin. From a sailfish perhaps… Except without the spines… In fact, as you would expect from an ocean themed blade there many oceanic motifs at work. The hilt is rather interesting, with integrated choils for added grip, as well as an undulating finger guard, looking like another set of fins, extending down the front three quarters of the grip.

I thought the use of the extra circular and triangular scales above the grip, and along the ricasso, added a somewhat more mechanical feel to the fishy theme. Rather unusual but certainly a good representation of what the Atlantean culture was said to be.

All in all, certainly a decent blade. Can’t really fault the Atlantean designers all that much on it. Perhaps a little too flashy for my taste, too much extraneous furniture, gills and fins and whatnot. But what would you expect from a race that drowned it it’s own bathtub? ๐Ÿ˜›

LOL… I kid… I kid…

Maybe… ๐Ÿ™‚

Oceanic Bowie – [eBladeStore]


Wolverine Claws… Revisited.

OK, so if you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you may know that I have several posts related to the topic of the retractable adamantium claws of our all time favorite X-Man, Wolverine.

In fact, I have talked about several different kinds of Wolverine claws, and innumerable miserable replicas and wannabes, from X-Claws that would most likely implant themselves in your knuckles, to the Bear and Pantera claws and so on, that would probably rotate down and try and embed themselves in your wrist if you ever tried to do anything even remotely Wolvie-like with them.

I think I even looked at the practicality of having claws surgically implanted in ones forearm… (Just as a quick reminder to everyone, that was a distinct “No Go”). However there is one last way to get Wolverine claws that i don’t think anyone has talked about. At least not until now. Probably because it would be the fastest way to get good old Wolvie to relieve you of your lease on life.

What is this new and exciting trick? Well… How about this. You cut off one of Logans hands, extract the adamantium skeleton (including, of course the precious claws) Extend the claws, fix them in place, and strap the whole thing to your wrist…

Yeah… I never said it would be easy. Or even survivable. But it appears that someone has replicated just that particular option. I give you: the Skull Gauntlet.

Skull Gauntlet

Skull Gauntlet

[Click Image to view full size]

Ok, ok, yes, yes yes, so Wolvie never had little skulls on his knuckles or embedded into his wrist. But the guys who are selling this assure us that it will make you and I look like wolverine, except better… Honest!

OK. Whatever you say. But I have one word for you:


Absolute heresy. No external claws of any kind will EVAR look better than Wolverines. Just not gonna happen. No. Don’t even think about it.

BTW, In case you hadn’t realized, that last paragraph was my feeble attempt to short circuit any possible subsequent fanboi rant comments resulting from this post. I do not expect to see any more. Be warned. Lest you want a claw, upside your head. With a swiftness.

What? Don’t think I can deliver a claw upside your head over the internets? Please. Try me. Just try me. Please.

But back to the nitty gritty. What you are looking at is a very stylized satin finished stainless steel skeleton of a wrist and hand, with small skulls over each knuckle, and a larger stylized skull over the wrist, with what looks like skeletal bands extending down on either side of the wrist. By no means an anatomically correct representation, as it appears to be missing a set of phalangeal bones, and has some sort of structural webbing between the metacarpals, probably to short circuit any “Hey! You ripped off Wolverines skeleton!” claims, but good enough.

However what it does have are claws. Beautiful, beautiful claws. A set of three sweet steel claws extending from between the knuckles. And, in an unprecedented act of practicality, the wrist of this hand is attached to a what appears to be a leather band in the back, and in front, attached to the knuckles, a steel bracket with an actual grip!! Ye Gods! Someone could actually use this! AMAZING!!!

Providing no ridiculously weak joints exist between the blades, the bracket and the rest of the gauntlet/hand, I must admit, this is one of the first truly practical implementation of wolverine claws I have come across. I could seriously do without the skulls, (I see human, elven, dwarven and orc skulls all over the place in my cave here, thanks to the roach-like orcs that appear to have infested the place, and frankly, it’s getting old…) and all the extraneous steel (which we have discovered, thanks to the hands-on review by Sinza over at Exotic Automatic, is actually a plastic covering over a steel frame) wrapping down around the side in the back, but I’m stoked enough that it is actually a practical, though rather non-conformist, design.

And it’s a clever, if a little twisted, idea. to boot. Why try and remove the claws from the Wolverine? Just leave them on and strap his whole hand to your wrist instead. Heh. And I thought I was nuts. But in the greatest of ironies… I think this would actually work!

Who would have thunk it. I think I may have to restructure my universal paradigm…


Just a quick update. Sinza, a buddy, and founder of the Exotic Automatic forum, has done a full hands-on review of these claws, and has posted a lot of great details about it’s construction, as well as some practical insights it’s design strengths and weaknesses. He also provides some excellent suggestions on how to improve the design. If you are interested in this weapon, you should go check it out out here:

Fixed Blade Xiphoids @ Exotic Automatic

It’s about the 4th post in the thread. Enjoy… ๐Ÿ˜‰

PB out.

Skull Gauntlet – [eBlade Store]


Another Useless Fantasy “Bowie”…

OK, So it may seem like I’ve been on a consistent critical rant the last few posts but… Well… Aww, who am I kidding. I am on a ranting rampage. I keep running into all of this crazy steel sculptures masquerading as blades of some sort.

And here is the the inspiration for todays rant:

Darkness Power Bowie

Darkness Power Bowie

[click image to view full size]

Ahhh yes… A bowie of darkness and power…


Normally I’d be all about nitpicking all of the reasons why this is not really a knife at all, and has more in common with a metal sculpture, but hopefully it should be obvious to all of you why…

On second thought, I’m going to spell it out anyway, for any new readers…

First of all, <Arnie voice> “This is naht uh BOWEE… IT’S NAHT AH BOWEE!! </Arnie voice> Nope. I dunno what it is… But it’s just not a bowie knife. Unless someone updated the knife design rulebook and didn’t send me the memo. And if any of you are about to say “No, no, no, you don’t understand, it’s a FANTASY bowie!”, STOP! Before you even finish the thought, I want you to slap yourself. Twice. In the face. With a slab of raw steak.

No, even better, use a frozen side of beef. Three times. Yes. Like that. Feel better? Good. Because I really don’t feel like talking about the kinds of things I dream about doing to the idiots who come up with all of these “fantasy” versions of real weapons that have no relationship WHATSOEVER with the real weapons in question, besides having an edge. At least not today. Just believe me. This is not a bowie knife.

But that, in and of itself, is not my biggest peeve with this thing. My thing, first and foremost, is that a blade is designed to be USED. At least in my paradigm of the universe. And, on any blade, it’s grip, or handle, is the part of the weapon/tool that is intended specifically to allow any sharp implement to be used. Preferably without the wielder sacrificing a digit, (or two, or maybe even three) every time they wield/use it.

Now tell me, kind readers, what do we have here for a grip? I’ll tell you. On this thing, where there should be a nice, roughly cylindrical grip, preferably with wooden scales or some other similarly hospitable gripping surface, we have… a skeletal hand. Huh. Yeah. Nooosiree… There will be no wielding of this nifty little art piece, unless you like shaking hands with the long departed, but recently exhumed. To each his or her own, I guess… But that kinda stuff really doesn’t do it for me.

I suppose I might be being a little harsh. After all, this is clearly not intended to be any kind of functional blade… But I can hear, in my head, the cries of honest hardworking bowie knives the world over… And I assure you, they are all thoroughly insulted to have this hoity toity piece of worthless steel disrespectfully lumped in the same category with them…

Darkness Power Bowie… Hrrmph. I’ve got your darkness power right here…

Darkness Power Bowie – [eBladeStore]


Unpushable Spider Legged Push Daggers…

So today I thought I’d post about an little push dagger that… Can’t really be used as a push dagger:

Skull Spider

click image to view full size

click image to view full size

Ah yes… The classic tenets of form following whatever the heck suits the knife maker at the moment… *Sigh*

Now don’t get me wrong. I do like the aesthetics of this blade. the combination of a skull head with spider legs is actually quite a cool concept, and apart from a couple of the legs emanating from weird angles, I like the overall design.

Except I wish they would have used it as something other than the grip of a weapon for whom the grip shape is particularly relevant, indispensable even, to it’s proper intended use. This is just my opinion, but I’m pretty sure no one really wants a palm full of metal spider legs and skull spider mandibles when wielding a push blade. But you know, I’m just particular like that…

At least the site on which I found it had the good sense not to try and call it a push dagger. So I suppose it’s a cool blade, just so long as you aren’t planning to actually use it.

Use it…?

LOL Yeah, right. What am I thinking…

Skull Spider – [True Swords]


A Sword Worthy of Running a Foot Through…

I don’t know if any of you saw this, but there was a recent article in the news about a Lebanon, Ind. woman who accidentally ran her foot through with a sword during a Wiccan good luck ceremony at a local cemetery.

Now I suppose sword injuries are an occupational hazard if your religious beliefs (or hobbies) involves a lot of sword play or even just frequent handling, so I can see how this could happen. In fact I know people who have had similar misfortunes, including a friends somewhat recent incident… (You know who you are ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

But here’s the thing. Though I’m not normally one to laugh at anothers misfortune, but I have to admit I find the whole idea of “running ones foot through” a little funny. It’s just one of those weird kind of accidents that when I read about I get this picture of the Three Stooges, or Laurel and Hardy in my mind and I can’t help but grin.

Yes, I’ve cut myself on numerous occasions. I have yet to completely impale a foot, (at least not with a sword) but have done equally dumb things to my hands and feet, legs, arms, etc. So it’s not like I can’t sympathise on the pain of having a blade turn on someone. It’s just that, most of the time when they have turned on me in the past, it was because I was being a dumb-ass, and they got tired of having to deal with it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I just still laugh at myself when I remember the stupidity of these incidents. You know, it’s like a cartoon boulder falling on Wiley Coyote. After he’s been blown up by his own rocket. In real life I suppose it’s not supposed to be so funny, but in the toons… Ok, so I’m possibly a really jacked up individual. Maybe. Most likely. Whatever. I never claimed to be normal. So there!

But back to the blade at hand, I thought it interesting that less than a day before I read this article, I ran into an interesting sword on a UK site called Witchcraft Ltd. The timing…? Creepy… Check these out:

[Click to view full size]


[click image to view full size]

Ah, now ain’t it a beaut? This sword is hand forged by Wayland forge for Witchcraft Ltd. specifically for things like Wiccan ceremonies and stuff. And while it lacks some of the flash, finish and glam of it’s more commercial counterparts, it is exactly the kind of sword i like to see.

This Ram sword, so called ostensibly because of the double ram horn shaped pommel, is a study in sword simplicity and elegance. I would almost say it’s a no frills sword, except that it isn’t. The blade has an excellent profile, with smooth but subtle curves and the two interesting curlicues on the spine.

The simple unfinished grip curves up and into the rams head at the pommel. And that’s it. So simple, but so very engaging. Here’s another one:

Spiral Path

Spiral Path

[click image to view full size]

Another similarly designed but very interesting sword. Spiral path carries the same simple finish, but an even more aggressive blade profile, carrying the same two curlicues on the spine of the blade, but with a deeper, almost scimitar-like curve starting half way to the tip of the blade.

And, as it’s name aptly describes, a simple slightly contoured but unfinished grip rolls neatly into a tight coil at the pommel. Simple but beautiful. And these are not so much the sinister lines I usually prefer, as much as elegant and organic. It’s interesting how much character such a simple sword can have.

That’s not to say these are without any deficiencies. From my perspective, these really do need a proper grip, with either scales, or a wrap, as well as a good guard. I think these are definitely a necessity for a good sword. But then my perspective is more combat oriented than ritual, and so I cannot really fault the simple organic elegance the designer had in mind for these swords.

There are a couple of more traditional looking blades, albeit with the same simple finish, on the site, however I have to say these two are my favorite. Though now that I think about it, I’m not entirely sure i would prefer to have a foot impaled with one of these, or with one of your regular, run-of-the-mill flashy swords.

For one thing, I’m thinking a shiny highly polished mirror finished sword would probably go in and come out smoother than a simply finished sword … But that’s just me thinking aloud here…

The Ram, Spiral Path swords – [Wayland Forge/Witchcraft Ltd.]


A rather wicked bowie…

A while back while doing some research on a little project, (the results of which you may get to see here at some point in the future) I ran across a wicked looking little sword:

Viper Night Bowie

Viper Night Bowie

[view full size]

Now you may notice, if you go to the site I found this sweet looking sword on, (link at the bottom of the page) that it is called a “Black Ronin Full Tang Ninja Sword”. I chose to use the Viper Bowie because frankly there are too many Black Ronin weapons floating about, and also because this swords design, beyond anything more than being fairly straight, actually has more in common with a bowie than it does a ninjato.

However, as swords go, this one combines a rather unusual number of bowie-like design elements, such as a false edge on the spine that seems to run into a long clip-like point, opposite a blade with an almost imperceptible belly. Definitely Bowie inspired. Beyond that you have a serrated section below the straight edge that runs into thee short cut our ricasso, and into the small finger guard.

Behind the false rear edge on the spine of the blade we see a set of cut outs, much like those on the survival knives I blogged about a while ago, that runs into a small raised section that looks almost like a thumb rest with a grip slots cut into the surface. The blade itself has been rather heinously violated by a set of three slots set between the serrated section of the blade and just below the cut outs in the spine.

If you look at the profile of the blade, you can see that it is actually at it’s narrowest just above the slot area, and gets wider before and after, which, to me, makes the placement, and even the existence of those slots all the more mind boggling.

Black Viper Bowie

Why remove more material so close to one of the weakest parts of the blade? Maybe they like seeing swords bend/snap in half at inopportune moments, impaling the users big toe with a wayward slab of sharp black steel? Looking at some of these designs, I can help but ask…

Yet another interesting design cue was the black cord wrapped grip, which, in addition to having a nice gradual swell towards the open pommel, is actually biased forward a little, kinda like how a kukri is designed. I can imagine this providing a great grip for the weapon. This weapon seems to have been designed for more for heavy duty chopping, rough cutting and thrusting duty than anything else. Definitely not a Ninjato inspired sword.

But Ninjato or Bowie, between the flat black finish, and it’s wicked, no nonsense design, this sword by any other name is still freakin’ sweet…

Viper Night Bowie – [Swords 24]


Just Another Spiderblade…

You know, I’ve noticed a kind of trend in the collectible knife industry. There are, as you can probably imagine, several niche specific trademark weapon themes.

For instance, Every one will have, at one point or another, run onto the “Movie” themed blade, even if, as I have mentioned in previous posts, there was absolutely no call for a blade in the movie. In fact there are even some movies whose protagonists would never have touched a blade with a 100 foot, hyperspace extended, unobtanium pole, who still somehow manage to have swords made in their name. But I’m ranting now…

Anyway, other niche styles are the mean and practical (or at least practical looking ) fighting blades, which tend to be “Black Ronin/Ninja” styled. And then you have the more elegant and stylish types of “Fantasy” and hybrid fantasy/classical blades tend to follow the “Dragon” school of themed blade design.

Today we have an example of the “Crazy Fantasy blades inspired of nature” school of design, in which resides many of the most funky, impractical, wonky, and generally unusable blade designs, intended purely to showcase… Well, I guess you could call it “art” since that’s all it’s good for, but are basically freaky blades with a serious biomech fetish… Think reptiles, arachnids and H.R. Gieger…

One of the most proliferous vaults in the hallowed halls of the biomech school of blade aesthetics is that of the arachnophile designer. Here we find all manner of freaky spider, scorpion, Horders/Spinets and even dragon scorpakes/snakions, themed fantasy blades, (who knew such things existed??!) most with absolutely impossible ergonomics, that exist only for the purpose of art for arts sake.

Today’s weapon is yet another dubious chip off the infamous Blade Legged Spider block, this time from the warped mind of Tom Anderson, and sporting perhaps the most futile attempt (evar!), at appearing practical:

The Turantula


[view full size]

Yes, with a cool hip name like Turantula, who could possibly fault this… thing? I dunno. But I do know there has to be a reason other than art in order to find practical fault with things like this, and frankly not being the particularly artsy type… I’m at a loss…

Soo… We start with the basics. A description. What we have here is a black, ovoid carapace looking thing, with a push dagger style grip attached to the top of it, and a set of 8 blades riveted to sockets arranged around the periphery of the carapace to form the legs of a spider.

OK, yes. This would do some damage if used push dagger style. But seriously, you can’t exactly hide something like this in your boot, like a push dagger. At best, you could grab it from the neato little spider web wall mount that it comes with and threaten a burglar with it. Who would promptly laugh and proceed to stab you to death for the insult.

Ok, maybe I’m not being fair. Truth is, I actually like to design of the leg blades. And the T grip is not bad either. This isn’t how I’d put it all together, but from an artistic standpoint I like the overall idea, and the strategically designed wall mount is a nice touch. The thing is that It’s just so blatantly useless (apart from being an admittedly cool conversation piece on the wall) that it screams to be picked on…

But maybe it’s just me…

Turantula – Tom Anderson – [Collectors Edge]


An enigmatic blade…

So I ran across this interesting little blade a while back, just haven’t had the time to post about it. Fortunately, I got this afternoon off, so here is:

The Shapely Enigma

The Shapely Enigma

Sadly, I have not been able to find any more info about this blade, or better pictures, for that matter, so this rather poor one will have to do, but as you can see, this is a rather shapely enigma indeed…

It looks to me like an over sized kerambit with an ornately finished hilt. The seductively curving blade is finished in a faux damascus pattern, probably acid etched, judging from the clean look of the very small edge ground into the inside curve of the blade.

The ricasso of this knife is rather eloquently punctuated with a number of reverse hooks cut out of the spine with an unusual pattern ending in a forward facing spine, looking almost like a talon or claw, cut out on the edge side of the ricasso.

The guard is another aesthetic touch I found quite pleasing, consisting of a similar, upward pointing talon on the front, and a rearward pointing one on the back. In addition, the forward spine seems to flow down and incorporate itself into the design of the grip.

The black textured grip, incorporating an integrated sub hilt for added control, does a good job of accentuating the rest of the hilt, with an almost dragon scale like appearance that flows naturally into the beak/talon patterned pommel. Now normally this level of detail in the pommel puts me off, but somewhow in this blade it just seems to add to it’s elegance.

So yeah… I’m liking this blade. Not sure what it is… Perhaps it’s subtle organic shape just appeals to my base instincts… But I just had to take a moment to write about it.

And now it’s back to the grind for me… Stay tuned… I’m still around… Just slacking on my posting a bit… LOL

The Shapely Enigma – [Realm Collections]


Cave Pandinus Imperator…

For those not totally and uncompromisingly nerdy, Yes. The title of this post is relevant (scientifically, any way) to the blade we’ll be looking at today… ๐Ÿ˜›

Scorpion Fantasy Knife

Scorpion Fantasy Knife

I’m just going to assume at this point that the average reader of this blog is intelligent enough to have figured out that Pandinus Imperator is the scientific name of the venerable Black Emperor Scorpion, AKA the African Emperor Scorpion. throwing “Cave”, the latin for “beware” in front should (in theory) translate to “Beware the Black Emperior Scorpion…” Neat huh? What? Hey, I thought it was cool… Whatever…

Bah humbug. Well I’m also going to assume you understand why I chose this particular title. Even though technically, it’s misleading, as the Black Emperor Scorpion is one of the most benevolent Emperors around, and is in fact, the scorpion of choice for those who keep them as pets… But If not, I apologise, but you will need to send me $50 in US currency, in order to discover the oh, so very intriguing reasons… ๐Ÿ˜›

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, I must admit to being a little surprised by the outstanding basic honesty of whoever named this blade. Unlike much of the usual black ronin samurai ninja fare i come across, “Scorpion Fantasy Knife” is comparatively simple, perhaps a little too simple. But it is straight to the point, and does not pretend to be anything it’s not. In fact they could have just gotten away with something as simple as “Black Scorpion dagger/blade” and not have sounded pretentious… But I’m just nitpicking here…

But names, both scientific and fantasy, aside, I must say I love the contours of the blade. Curves that go on for days. The entire blade profile consist of nothing but arcs of varying radii intersecting each other. Eve n the finger guard is an uninterrupted continuation of the bottom most blade arc. Just wickedly sweet looking IMHO. It’s a little bit bowie, a little bit Swords of Chaos, and all in beautiful black.

Now the hilt, weeeelll… that’s a mixed bag. As usual the designer has opted to go with the form over function school and has created a designer piece that has a rather poor grip. Too short, too much curve, all show, little go. Not that the idea wasn’t a good one. From an aesthetic perspective, they have captured the tail of the scorpion quite well. Even down the that excellently formed and placed stinger pommel.

I guess I should stop trying to evaluate artsy blades from the standpoint of practical functionality. I do like it’s looks. It’s just that the whole lack of functionality can usually be avoided without sacrificing the aesthetics. But it seems like they don’t even try. It’s a crying shame I tell ya. A crying shame…

Scorpion Fantasy Knife – [Realm Collections]


Deal Breaker, Duel Breaker or Both…?

Today, I ran across a rather unique and interesting blade. Here, have a look:

Medieval Sword Breaker

Medieval Sword Breaker

[view full size]

An interesting piece of work is it not? Kinda looks like a hybrid cross between an old fashioned wood saw and a dagger. But it’s a rather cool piece nonetheless, though it is a rather specialized weapon.

There was a period in medieval history, where European deuelers/sword fighters fought with two weapons. In The strong hand they wielded a long heavier weapon, usually a rapier or similar sword, which was used primarily for attack. The second weapon, called a Main Gauche, was a smaller, lighter, and therefore much quicker weapon, whose speed advantage was used to parry attacks made by the opponents main weapon.

Now at some point during this period, some bright enterprising spark realized that the best defense was to eliminate your opponents offense. Pretty smart thinking if you ask me. Anyway since they already had a tool that was conveniently always in a position to trap the opponents blade, they thought, why not take advantage of that, and parry an incoming blow from your opponents sword with not just a dagger, but a sword breaking tool… Brilliant!

And thus the sword breaker was born. Now the sword breaker is not just a Main Gauche with a number of large slots worked into the spine of the blade. These were constructed of much thicker, heavier steel. They needed the added strength because of their rather unique design characteristics:

Medieval Sword Breaker

As you can see, a lot of material has been taken out of the spine for the purpose of making large slots, which is where the sword breaking is supposed to take place. The idea being that when a strike came in from your opponents blade, you would let it slide into one of these slots. Then, a quick flick of the wrist/jerk of the arm, and SNAP! Your foes blade cries mama and buckles under the pressure of the dueling equivalent of an armbar… Except you break the arm… Evil, I tell you… EVIL… But brilliant!

Now in reality it probably wasn’t so easy, and it probably took a lot of skill to pull something like that off, but the idea is certainly a cool one… But back to the blade. Now In a regular blade these big slots would introduce a lot of weakness into the blade, making it easier to break. But seeing as the idea was for this to be a breaker, and not a breakee, these blades are made thicker and stronger, and were just overall put together of tougher stuff, simply not to be messed with…

I’d really hate to be the guy that had his sword broken during a duel with one of the underhanded hyenas that would carry something like this around… Hmmm… You also gotta wonder how horrific a stabbing weapon this would be. Kinda looks like the kind of thing a Klingon might use…

Medieval Sword Breaker – [All Thinks Medieval]

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