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Another Dark Sword…

If you recall, a several posts ago, I blogged about a dark sword, from Kit Rae canon, which seemed to have too much going on in it’s life for it’s own good. Well, today I ran into one of it’s cousins.

Black Sword of Darkness

Black Sword of Darkness
[view full size]

Now as you can see, it bears some of the trademarks of the stereotypical drama laden Kit Rae sword, (much like the last one) However the questionable family trait of being unbearably busy is actually quite muted in this particular relative. The design is a little more grounded, a little less flighty, and much more focused. You can actually see

Now the blade profiles on Kit Rae swords are generally quite the lookers, if a little narcissistic and this one is no exception. I find this one exceptionally notable in it’s simplicity. There is a beautiful combination of straight lines and subtle curves on this flat black blade. But as usual, the hilt is where all the action is.

This time around, there is actually a discernable theme! An i’m calling it the Demon Talons. 🙂 The pommel is made in the image of a rather irate looking horned demon, which sits atop a simple high gloss black grip with a mild swell in the middle. The grip runs into the unique guard, what I will call the “talons” of the demon.

The guard is basically a set of cool horned claws. Or clawed talons. Or taloned claws if you so desire. Your choice. 🙂 the point is, there are a set of what look like golden wing claws, atop the downward pointing black talons of the guard, at either side of the blade. I really like the overall combination if gold talons and black.

Now in all honesty, I still think the guard does indulge in what I would consider superfluous detail. I mean, I can understand the horn motif at the intersection of the guard and the blade, but I fail to understand why there should be some kind of serpent like creatures writhing around in the talons of the guard…

But to be fair these details are not overly distracting, and in the end I kinda like the swords overall demeanor. Yes, it could be simpler, but hey, life is never simple now is it… 😛

Sword of Darkness (Black) – [Medieval Weapon Art]


A Sword of Light. In Black…

Today, yet another conflicted weapon from the mind of Kit Rae.

Luciendar – Black Sword of Light

Luciendar - Sword of light - Black
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I’m sure the irony of the single most dominant aesthetic of this particular weapon would not be lost to the observant. Bluntly, (pun intended) this weapon is sporting a magnificent black blade, and yet is called a “Sword of Light”. Ha! Black is the new… Light? 😛

Ok, so that was weak. But I do love me some black blades. And while I’m not a particularly big fan of excessively and freakishly overdone aesthetics, this sword does have some good points (again, pun intended… 😛 … OK I’ll stop now…)

In addition to having a black blade, the guard and indeed the entire hilt of this sword is done in black chrome. Perhaps my second favorite color after black. or is it the other way around? Hmm… Anyway, the black chrome is set off with gold accents. Not a bad combination, under normal circumstances except that in this weapon there is perhaps a little bit too much fine gold accenting, in the guard and grip, making it look needlessly busy.

The pommel sports a very interesting onyx sphere grasped in a black chrome talon with gold claws. Again, not really my style, but the pommel is actually very well done, and might appeal to the aesthetics of some of you. The double guard is actually not bad either. I like the overall lines, and points of the double guard, however much like the rest of the hilt, the detailed runeing killed it for me. I much prefer simple lines.

In fact that is pretty much the story with this whole sword. It is an idea that has great potential. An all black blade, matched to a black chrome hilt. If this would have been done without all the fine gold detail, but rather the same basic out line, for the guard, a simple unadorned grip and an equally simple pommel, perhaps with a single band of gold accenting, I would have been all over this…

But, I guess you can’t have everything. C’est La Vie. At least it’s black on black chrome. That some pretty sweet eye candy in and of itself…

Luciendar : Sword of Light – [Heavenly Swords]


Yet another red dragon sword..

Not too long ago, I posted about an interesting sword, the Dragon Scimitar which had the most notable distinction of having a red blade. I was suitably impressed with it, but didn’t expect to come across any other similarly colored blades any time soon. Boy was I wrong!:

Dragons Wrath

Dragons Wrath
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Surprise! Another red blade. Now I found this particular sword is interesting for two reasons. First, because this sword design is a nearly exact duplicate of another sword I have posted about called the Mithrodin, save for the fact that this one has a polished grip and a dragon pommel. I won’t go into the reasons why I like this design here, as I went through it pretty thoroughly in the Mithrodin post.

The second reason is that, compared to the original, the red blade is actually an improvement, perhaps even more so than a black blade might be, which is something I am actually surprised to find myself saying. I also find it interesting that so far, pretty much every single red bladed weapon I have come across, this, the Dragon Scimitar, and Zar’roc has featured some relationship with dragons, either in name or origin which, to be quite honest, is a little baffling. It’s not as if a Dragons would prefer a red sword over any other color. But I digress.

I am honestly looking forward to seeing a few more weapons with this blade treatment, though I doubt that it will be a common occurrence…

Dragons Wrath – [Red Dragon Sword Company]


A sword of the earth…

Today we get to look at a sword, made for a fictional story, that was written just to showcase the designers swords… Yep, you read right… In contrast to other sword manufacturers, who try to piggy back on the popularity of an existing movie, story or product, this sword is intended represent a weapon from a fantasy story which was written ostensibly for the sole purpose of giving his weapons a “back story”.  Yet another brainchild of the knife designer Kit Rae. You gotta give him props for originality and imagination…

Anathros – Sword of the Earth

Anthros - Sword of the Earth
[view full size]

There are many things about this sword that I like. Even the blade by itself is very interesting. The tip of the blade ends in a simple, fairly acute spear point, but unlike most other sword blades, this blade has been ground such that it appears to carry a hexagonal shaped cross-section all the way to the ricasso. I really like the way it looks.

The engraving on the ricasso itself is a nice touch, and while the cut outs do add a little more character to what is a very large ricasso, I think it creates an area of structural weakness in the blade that it could really have done fine without. This small shortcoming is  completely overshadowed by the excellent cross guard design.

The cross guard is absolutely beautiful. Combining opposing, stemmed talons on either side of a set of central claws, the design is genius. And there is a subtle organic feel to the way they all flow together. The wire wrapped grip, which is fairly average on it’s own, makes up for it’s mediocrity by drawing emphasizing to both the hilt and the intricate pommel, which is also adorned with two opposing claws.

This design execution of this sword is just excellent. Now I usually like a little contrast (namely, some black) in my shiny chrome weapons, but every now and then, I run across a sword that is perfect just as it is. This is definitely one of them.

Anathros – Sword of the Earth – [Medieval Weapon Art]


A Wicked Axe.

Today we will look at an axe whose fundamental design is all but diametrically opposed to traditional axe design. I have seen my fair share of axe designs, I’ve even sketched a few myself. But this one blows them all out of the water in terms of uniqueness and intimidation. From the twisted (in ways I have all kinds of respect for : )) mind of designer Kit Rae, I present:

The Black Legion Battle Axe

Black Legion Battle Axe
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Now this axe represents a major departure from traditional axe design. First off, it is designed more like two deep bellied bowie knives placed back to back with an elegant arch joining each blade to the shaft. In fact, the blades of this axe have a striking resemblance to the last Kit Rae blade I blogged about, albeit significantly wider and more ornate. The shaft itself could have passed for a very efficient spear, the long black handle having two decorative shaft guards, then terminating in a very convincing spear point, vaguely reminiscent of a broad headed arrow tip.

The axe blades themselves are a work of art, sweeping in then out from the bottom of the blade, finally curving quite menacingly into sharp points at the top. A pattern of large elliptical voids also occur in the blade, giving it a more futuristic feel.

But enough with all of the “feel good” stuff. This design is particularly interesting to me because, unlike a traditional axe, it seems to have been designed more for thrusting, and slicing. In fact it probably would be better suited for slicing and thrusting than chopping, since the arch that joins each blade to the shaft do so at a rather steep angle relative to the handle, which would allow for a lot of stress flexing and rapid fatigue were it ever to be used for chopping duty.

What we actually have here, in essence, is two short swords on a big stick. And for the same reasons you wouldn’t use a sword to cut down a tree, you probably wouldn’t want to try and use this axe for chopping. It wouldn’t last very long. However in a battle scenario it would function excellently as a broad sword, scimitar or even a double bladed falchion.

I suppose I ought to stop nit picking, since this was never designed for any real battle. It was designed to be intimidating, but it is a beautiful axe regardless. It is also very typical of Kit Rae’s school of design, and this happens to be one of the few pieces that doesn’t go t0o far over the top, like some of his other work is wont to do. A great piece of bladed art to be sure. If I was limited to having only one battle axe in my blade collection, this would be it.

Black Legion Battle Axe – [Medieval Weapon Art]


Edges, Curves and Points…

Well by know you know I’m always on the lookout for blades with lots of edges, sweeping curves, and wicked points. And I believe I’ve found another one : )! We have today an offering from the creative wellspring that is custom knife designer Kit Rae’s mind:

Mithrodin – Sword of the Ancients

Mithrodin - Sword Of the Ancients
[view full size]

Well this sword is just cool. But I do have some little nits to pick, as usual. I believe in simplicity of design. I’m all for adding creative flair, but I believe that form must follow function first, before flair. And i say this because I noticed two things that always raise concerns. Like the little metal trim in the middle of the handle. Now I imagine it could be some sort of grip device to help maintain a firm grip on the handle, but in my mind I’m thinking “why bother?” why not use a high traction handle material or checker the grip, and leave it uniform from hilt to pommel? That way you are not limited in the different ways that the sword could be wielded. You could choke up, down, reverse grip, etc without worrying about that little metal band getting in the way.

My second nit is in the way the blade appears to have been attached to the handle. There appear to be three supplementary bands that cross over the bottom part of the blade. These seem superfluous to me for two reasons. First, in a properly designed sword, they would not be necessary. A full-tang design, coupled with proper bracing by the hilt of the sword, would make for a very strong sword. And second, placing a strap over a section of the blade is just a colossal waste of blade area, and makes it harder to sharpen and clean.

But nitpicks aside, this sword has a lot of things to admire. First it is all curves. Both the handle and the blade are curved, the blade is actually curved in two directions, and the curve of the handle accentuates that in a very complementary way. Then the additional points on the spine of the blade are interesting. Not sure what purpose they would serve, (probably form following flare again) but it looks cool, so I’ll go with it. Then you have the interesting bat wing style pommel. Again, very cool touch. All in all, an elegant kind of sword, almost elven in nature, and another example, imho of one of Kit Rae’s better pieces.

Mithrodin – Sword of the Ancients – [Medieval Weapon Art]

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