Walk Softly… And carry a Sharp stick…

In a previous post, I made reference to a weapon called the Jitte, that is similar in many respects to an iron club. It is essentially a short iron or steel rod, with a guard, used by police in feudal Japan, in much the same way that a nightstick is used by law enforcement officers today. Except against swords. Yeah. I’m betting police work may probably have been a bit more nerve wracking back then….

Of course nowadays people have guns… Hmmm… Kinda begs the question: Which would you prefer: To be attacked by a sword and have defend yourself with a Jitte? Or be attacked by a gunman and draw your own gun in defense… Something to think about. Though I’m betting I know how most people will respond… 😀 But as usual I digress.

The reason this subject came up is because I thought I’d do a post on something that combines two of my favorite weapons into a single one. And is still somewhat practical for say… Home defense…?

Night Guardian Ninja Baton

Night Guardian Ninja Baton

[view full size]

Of course, as all good marketing folk are wont to do, the word “Ninja” had to find it’s way into the name for this weapon, as it’s a great selling buzz word these days. Not that a Ninja would never use something like this, but it’s just so… Unnecessary… *sigh*

But anyway, back to my review of the weapon… In case it isn’t clear what you are looking at here, I’ll spell it out for ya. It’s essentially a short narrow sword, looks almost like a bayonet in design, with a black blade, set in a knurled cylindrical brass (or copper colored alloy of unspecified origin) grip.

Now what is cool about this is that the sheath for this thing is actually also made of the same metal as the grip, and is threaded at the opening. The hilt of this weapon is also threaded, both at the transition from the ricasso to the (very small) circular guard (if it can even be called that), and also at the pommel.

This design allows the metal sheath to be screwed securely to the grip when closed, making it in effect a solid metal truncheon! Very cool stuff. In addition, the threads at the pommel allows you to screw the sheath in at the base of the sword, making a kind of extended grip bayonet.

So it’s kind of like a truncheon, with a little extra surprise for when a club just isn’t enough. Which is why I have two. Actually I got them a looong time ago when they first came out, but when I recently ran into some pics of them I had to post about it because I just love these things.

Of course they aren’t perfect. My one peeve with these is that, when closed you can hear the blade hitting the sheath when it is swung with any vigor. This kinda kills the stealth factor of it, and may be a by product of a rat tail tang construction. Which is a downer, because there really would be no reason to not make this a full tang blade. Except for cost, I suppose… But that is perhaps the only major flaw in the design.

But ultimately, I’ve always been a big fan of stick weapons, and swords, and with the metal sheath screwed on, this thing makes for a pretty mean and hefty truncheon. WITH a hidden sword. ALL in a glorious black finish. What’s not to love in a combination like that?

Night Guardian Ninja Baton – True Swords

3 Responses to “Walk Softly… And carry a Sharp stick…”

  1. 1 Niccolo
    May 17, 2008 at 7:46 am

    Niiiice. Very nice… Actually, I don’t see why ninja wouldn’t make use of something like this, actually. If they happened to disguise themselves as policemen, there’s no reason they wouldn’t carry one of these. Hiding in plain sight, no?

    Though, undoubtedly theirss wouldn’t clang whenever they klopped someone with it.

  2. 2 ladyofspiders
    May 18, 2008 at 11:13 am

    Hehe well you know me, of coruse I would prefer the sword over the gun. I find the invention of modern weapony one of the most unfortunate events.

    Now going back on topic, this is wicked cool, and I love hidden blades.

  3. May 19, 2008 at 10:42 pm

    LOL weeell, yes it sounds good in theory, except that if a ninja were to disguise themselves as the police I’d think they’d probably use an actual Jitte with a spike or blade hidden in it, as opposed to this… Something like this would not pass for a Jitte, and would make them stand out, which is anathema to their MO…

    Ah… Sadly, we disagree about the advances in modern weaponry… However I do agree that these things are cool… Though if you think about it, hidden blades could also be considered an early step in the direction of advanced modern weaponry… Even in medieval times there was still such a thing as “cutting edge” technology… 🙂

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