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An Iron Cross with an subtle edge…

Today I have yet another simple but quite interesting sword from my archives to talk a little about:

The Iron Cross

The Iron Cross Sword
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Now this sword is a typical example of a simple sword design that somehow manages to boast of quite a lot of character, despite it’s simplicity. Asyou can see, it is a fairly simple design, a simple blade, a simple hilt a simple grip. But it’s the small, not-so-obvious nuances that make this weapon interesting.

For instance, look at the blade. You’ll notice that while the straight lines of the blade are not entirely out of the ordinary, the point is of a rather unusual design. Most swords end in a swiftly tapering point, very akin to a spear head. This point, on the other hand, consists of a fairly sharp triangle. This is a rather uncommon point configuration that is not excessively conspicuous, but subtly makes a great difference in the overall aesthetic of the sword.

Then you have the simple blade. All straight lines, but again, in keeping with the the idea of subtlety in design, there is a very small increase in width from the point to the hilt. Not much, but just enough to be noticeable. Not so obvious is how wide the blade is, at about 1 3/4″ it is wider than most blades if this type, but because of the point configuration, it is not as obvious. Now this blade also happens to sport a set of three “blood grooves” or cut along it’s length. I’m not a big fan of these for technical reasons. But today I’m letting them slide on account of the blade being black… 🙂

Iron Cross

Iron Cross Sword
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Down past the blade and below the ricasso, we have the single most ostentatious design aspect of the sword; the guard. It is simply a small squarish guard in the shape of a slightly modified German Iron Cross, in black and chrome. And below that we get more basic simplicity. A simple black cylindrical grip, capped with a simple chromed pommel.

I will admit to being a little underwhelmed with this blade when I first saw it. However there was something about it that intrigued me, and it wasn’t until I really looked at it that I realized what it was. This sword is very unique. Not in any major crazy ways like a Kit Rae sword, but rather in a lot of little ways, that cumulatively add up to a simple, understated, but outstanding aesthetic…

Iron Cross Sword – [Kope’s]

March 2008

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