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A Big, Black, Battle Axe.

In my last post I talked about the difficulties you might encounter if you attempted to behead someone with a scythe. Eh? No, like I said before, I do not spend my days idly contemplating how easy it would be to behead people with various weapons. I was just making a casual observation. Yes. Thank you.

Errr. Ok. Don’t take it the wrong way, but I just realized I’m getting ready to make a similar observation. See I came across this big axe. And it occurred to me. This would probably be the correct tool to use for beheading people… *ahem*… Look, it seemed like a good segue at the time OK? Whatever. No comments from the peanut gallery please…

Angry Happy Barbarian Battle Axe

Angry Barbarian Battle Axe
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OK look. Forget about the beheading thing. Alright? There are cooler things to talk about. The Axe is big and black. All black. Black blade, black shaft, black pommel, the works. And it’s got a big black spear point atop the axe head. And it’s huge. And it looks like it means business. It’s like all kinds of big bad black axitude. I like that in an axe.

What I don’t get is this. Why did they have to call this an “angry” barbarian battle axe? Why not just a regular barbarian battle axe? Are angry barbarians easier to identify with? I mean it’s not like a regular barbarian would be any less inclined to kill you in battle. They would just as soon take your head as soon as look at you right? And with an axe like this it would be like shwing! And your head would be gone… errr..

What the… I heard that! Quit with the snickering already!! Ok that’s it. I’m done. You guys suck… Fine. I’m calling my therapist…

Angry Happy Barbarian Battle Axe – [True Swords]

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