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The Grim Reaper Strikes Again!!

Besides the last scythe post with the futuristic fancy schmancy super skull scythe, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t see another scythe again. How wrong was I!

The Monster Scythe

Monster Scythe
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Yes, this is indeed a scythe-like monstrosity. Simple lines. A loooong wood shaft. A mean looking sliver of razor sharp steel serving double duty as a blade. All in all a rather evil looking weapon, quite worthy of the Grim Reaper. Except for one thing. This isn’t what a scythe is supposed to look like.

This is what a scythe is supposed to look like:

A modern day scythe

A Contemporary Scythe
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See the difference? Notice the two handles? The curved shaft? The blade canted at an angle to the shaft? That’s what a scythe is supposed to look like. In fact, in my oh so humble opinion, the original design looks a whole lot more sinister than the straight shaft design above. I suppose it’s cheaper to sell a straight shaft, but it just loses soo much character that way…

Ya know, just as a side note, I’ve always wondered how effective your average a scythe would be in a battle situation. I kinda think it would suck. Yes, yes, I know. No, I don’t hear the Grim Reaper complaining, but hear me out. The traditional scythe is designed to cut grass or crops at around ankle level. The curve in the shaft and the cant to the blade is designed to keep the blade parallel to the ground while the wielder holds the handles, and rotates their upper body from side to side,  standing upright.

Now while that may be fine for the farm, in battle, it would make a rather tough weapon to wield. Especially if you wanted to hit anything but your opponents ankles. if you tried aiming for an opponents head, let’s say, the grip would be wrong, the blade would be canted in the wrong direction, it would be a nightmare! So given the scythe’s design inadequacy for battlefield use, how come the Grim Reaper is always portrayed with a traditional scythe, reaping some poor saps head off like it was a head of wheat? Just a random thought…

And yes, I am already undergoing counseling, thank you very much…

The Monster Scythe – [True Swords]

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