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Sword Wars III: The Clone Swords…

If you have been following this blog for any length of time you might recall a couple of posts I made last year about a couple of swords with a rather uncanny resemblance. Namely the Punisher, Batman, and Spider-man swords. I recently just happened to run into a very, very familiar sword:

Skull Sword of the Tomb Chaser

Skull Sowrd of Tomb Chaser... Whut?
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Whoa. Can you say “Punisher Sword”? I can. Easily. It just rolls, effortlessly, off my tongue… “Punisher sword”… OK. I’ll stop now. the point is, this sword is almost identical to the one I posted about before that was called the “Punisher Sword“. I’m not even going to repeat my rant about the similarities between the Punisher sword, the Batman sword and the spider man sword, as you can read all about that in my previous post here.

But this case is probably the most heinous, because precious little was done to differentiate this from the punisher sword. That is not to say that they are identical. Because they are not. They are “almost” identical. There is a single subtle difference between this sword and the Punisher sword. Here, I’ll put them side by side and let you see if you can spot the difference:

The Punisher Sword.<<__>>The Skull Sword.

Da Punisha!!! Skull Sowrd of Tomb Chaser... Whut?
[view full size] <<^^>>[view full size]

Did you see it? Come on! Look closer. OK, I’ll give you a hint. Butt. 🙂 No? How about this, Pommel color. Aaahh… Yes, I see a glimmer of recognition. Yes, the little skull pommel of the Skull sword is different, it is not chrome, but rather either a copper or an aged skull eggshell brown enamel type color.

No, not a big difference by any means, but it still indicates that the weapons designer was trying to differentiate this sword from the Punisher sword. But rather than take any meaningful steps to create a new sword, they basically decided “Hey, I’ve got a great idea! Lets paint the pommel, and change the name! Nobody will ever know!!” Apparently their idea of variety/originality constitutes recoloring the pommel on two otherwise identical swords. Why bother?

And what kind of a name is “Skull Sword of the Tomb Chaser”? A zombie killing reference? Some kind of play on Tomb Raider? Lara Croft wouldn’t be caught dead with this sword. For that matter, Frank Castle (the Punisher) wouldn’t have used a sword either. In fact, if they were both to die and come back as zombies, they still wouldn’t be caught undead with this sword. And most certainly not with a name like that. Hey marketing! How about you do some actual freakin’ research eh?! Idiots.

Now at this point you probably already know how I feel about sword designers who take stupid shortcuts in order to squeeze every last red penny from a given sword, rather than actually doing work and designing a new sword that might actually interest people. So I’m not going to go into another full blown rant about it. I just have one word for them.


The Skull Sword of the Tomb Chaser – [True Swords]

February 2008

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