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Another Red Sword… Of Death… ;)

Today I have yet another entry into what I think I’d like to call the “Hallowed Halls of the Red Sword”. Sounds catchy eh? No? OK how about the “Hallowed Swords of the Red Death” Aha! That got your attention didn’t it! No? Pffft. Whatever…

Vampire Skull Feeding Sword

Vampire Skull Feeding Sword
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OK, I found this sword interesting for a couple of different reasons. Notwithstanding it’s faux ominous sounding name (Vampire Skull Feeding sword? OK, enough already. What is that supposed to be? What kind of monumental dork named this?) it has some unique design features that I found particularly unique and pleasing to my admittedly unorthodox eye…

The hilt is reminiscent of your average medieval European design, with a few interesting little accent twists. The sword sports a simple cross guard (simple is good) mated to a band of circular flames that adorn the top of an equally simple black grip. this, in turn is capped off by a pommel featuring a simple flared butt cap, featuring what looks like a large vampire bat (I’m guessing here) with it’s wings partially spread. Dunno what it is, but I like it.

I cannot say the same for whatever it is they decided to slap on top of the ricasso/guard. I’m guessing (from the name they gave the blade) that it is supposed to represent some sort of vampire skull. I am not particularly impressed however. These kinds of gimmicks get old real fast. Thankfully the mask (or whatever it is) is removable, and can be strapped to your pet chihuahuas face for Halloween if needed. Cause all it’s doing is covering a section of the most important part of this sword, the all important blade.

They say the blade makes the man. Or something. Whatever. In this case the blade makes the sword. The blade possesses some of the straight and narrow lines that I like to see in a sword. But more importantly, it has a very cool color scheme. It starts out at the tip being a black blade, and then at about a third of the way down the blade, transitions slowly from black into a rich deep blood red blade all the way to the hilt. Coolness!

Overall, a nice looking blade, even though I could certainly do without the rather weak attempt to appeal to the haemophage enamored demographic…

The Red Sword of Death (Yes, that’s what I’m calling it. Deal.) – [True Swords]

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