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A Sword of Light. In Black…

Today, yet another conflicted weapon from the mind of Kit Rae.

Luciendar – Black Sword of Light

Luciendar - Sword of light - Black
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I’m sure the irony of the single most dominant aesthetic of this particular weapon would not be lost to the observant. Bluntly, (pun intended) this weapon is sporting a magnificent black blade, and yet is called a “Sword of Light”. Ha! Black is the new… Light? 😛

Ok, so that was weak. But I do love me some black blades. And while I’m not a particularly big fan of excessively and freakishly overdone aesthetics, this sword does have some good points (again, pun intended… 😛 … OK I’ll stop now…)

In addition to having a black blade, the guard and indeed the entire hilt of this sword is done in black chrome. Perhaps my second favorite color after black. or is it the other way around? Hmm… Anyway, the black chrome is set off with gold accents. Not a bad combination, under normal circumstances except that in this weapon there is perhaps a little bit too much fine gold accenting, in the guard and grip, making it look needlessly busy.

The pommel sports a very interesting onyx sphere grasped in a black chrome talon with gold claws. Again, not really my style, but the pommel is actually very well done, and might appeal to the aesthetics of some of you. The double guard is actually not bad either. I like the overall lines, and points of the double guard, however much like the rest of the hilt, the detailed runeing killed it for me. I much prefer simple lines.

In fact that is pretty much the story with this whole sword. It is an idea that has great potential. An all black blade, matched to a black chrome hilt. If this would have been done without all the fine gold detail, but rather the same basic out line, for the guard, a simple unadorned grip and an equally simple pommel, perhaps with a single band of gold accenting, I would have been all over this…

But, I guess you can’t have everything. C’est La Vie. At least it’s black on black chrome. That some pretty sweet eye candy in and of itself…

Luciendar : Sword of Light – [Heavenly Swords]

February 2008

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