Sticks and stones may break my bones, but sticks and swords can kill you…

I’ve always been a fan of stick and staff based weapons, and (quite obviously) bladed weapons as well. In an earlier post on a set of Super Twin Swords, I promised to show you another one of my favorite shikomizue (sword staff) type weapons. Well It’s pay day, and as promised, paydirt!:

Red Action Twin Swords

Red Action Twin Swords
[view full size]

Now this, is a rather unique and interesting take on shikomizue design. Unlike your traditional shikomizue, which hides a single sword in a walking staff, this dealio conceals TWO swords, in a single staff. Pretty nifty. There is yet another twin shikomizue design that I have seen, which I’ll post about if I run into it again, but today is “Red Action” day!!

So if you happened to be walking down the street, trusty “Red Action” at your side, and were to be accosted by some nefarious vagrants, you could whip out twice the sword fighting, butt kickin’ action on the unsuspecting baddies! Very Sweet! Except for one thing. Each sword is sheathed at opposite ends of a single center scabbard/saya. This kinda begs a few questions.

For instance, how secure would the bottom sword be if this were used on a daily basis? Would you constantly have to be watching to make sure you didn’t inadvertently lose a toe to a falling sword blade? And more importantly, which side is up?!? But I supposed if you actually had a practical use for a weapon like this, these questions would be the least of your problems.

From a visual standpoint, this weapon obviously gets it’s “Red Action” name from the blood red and black lacquered finish of the saya and grip, as well as the tarnished copper colored fittings, but beyond that, the aesthetics of the set is somewhat run of the mill. It could definitely be better. But of course I am biased towards dark weapons, and I may just be saying that because it isn’t all black and chrome.

But I like this weapon more for it’s functional benefits, and sheer weapon flexibility, than it’s aesthetics. Not only do you have a staff weapon, you have the option of wielding up to two swords, and would still be able to use the scabbard as backup as a short staff weapon. Now that’s the kind of flexibility I like.

I’ve probably mentioned before how I consider these weapons kinda like basic Swiss army knives. Well, this one even has the right color for it! All it needs is the Swiss army emblem on the saya. Though I kinda doubt that either the Swiss or the Japanese would look too kindly on that particular combination…

Red Action Twin Swords – [Sword Company]


3 Responses to “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but sticks and swords can kill you…”

  1. November 9, 2007 at 1:13 pm

    I love how much you love these weapons. Do you think I should get my little nephew one of these? He’ll be four in a few months, and he likes cool stuff like this. I think he’ll dig having the option of wielding two swords at once. Let me know what you think – I’ll be checking back.

  2. 2 ladyofspiders
    November 9, 2007 at 2:52 pm

    First of all I loved the title of this article, and secound of all, sweeeeeeeeeet! I love staves with hidden blades, and I love the two in one deal.

  3. November 9, 2007 at 5:02 pm

    LOL 4 months old you say? Hmmm, this would be a good choice, but I’d highly recommend Clouds Buster sword, it’s bigger, heavier, and has a whole lot more blades (5 to be exact) for him to play with. 4 months is s good time to start, but you have to get them started with as many blades and heavy swords as possible if you want them to be competent swordsmen when they grow up. That’s how I was taught.

    And, if you ignore my morbid obsession with deadly hunks of razor sharp black steel, I think I turned out OK, even if I do say so myself…

    Glad you liked it. There should be at least one more shikomizue post, with one of my absolute favorite designs, if I can find it online. Stay tuned…

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