Another Unique Dragon Spear.

With the number of “twin dragon” related weapons I have been coming across, I was not in any way, shape or form, surprised to find this dark little beauty:

Double Dragon Spear

Double Dragon Spear
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I thought this was interesting because although it looks cool, it’s design is more or less a rather large deviation from traditional spear territory. I’ll explain in a second what I mean, but first things first. Lets talk about aesthetics.

I love the design of the blade. If you have spent any time reading this blog, you may probably have surmised that I like black blades. And in that department, this weapon is not wanting in the least. But even more interesting, is what they did to the blade.

Each end of this weapon has a very broad spear point, with both edges sharpened, and then fins or barbs cut into one side of the spear head. The base of the blade narrows a bit and then flares out into a set of small wing-like blades. The blade is attached to the black shaft with a fitting that looks like a small dragons head with it’s wings outstretched. I just love the overall effect.

Now lets talk functional design. This weapon is unique in three ways. First, the fact that it has blades on both ends of the weapon kinda pulls it on the fringes of traditional spear design. Not that many double ended spears around. Next is the length. This is a relatively short weapon for a spear. The double ended spears I mentioned earlier? Usually half size. With small heads. Short, huge headed double-ended spears? Not exactly a common occurrence.

Last, and most certainly not least, is the fact that the shaft of this weapon actually comes apart at the middle. “Comes apart you say?”. “Yep!” sez I. This weapon is actually two identical weapons joined into one. I suppose you could say they were two very short spears combined into one double ended, medium sized one. Though individually, they are so short, they’d be probably work better as small axes…

Altogether, I love this weapon. The fact that the spines on each of the blades point in opposite directions when in spear form is an added detail that just makes this that much cooler in my book. Probably because I like the idea that you can twirl it like a baton, and always have the the straight edge of each bade facing the same way every revolution. But that’s probably just my overactive sense of symmetry at work. Just ignore it…

Double Dragon Spear – [Top Swords]


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