Another Double Bladed… Throwing… Thing…

Having recently composed several dissertations on the impracticality of the variety of so called “Glaive” style throwing weapons, I found it interesting that I should run across yet another throwing weapon of questionable heritage:

The Black Ronin Double Bladed Thrower

Black Ronin Double Bladed Throwing Knife
[view full size]

Not a folder. But does that make it better? Well let’s find out shall we? Now the first thing that struck me about this weapon was it’s vague similarity to the Shredder Glaive used in the movie Blade, though as we have already established, this blade is not a folder. However this is only a plus in my book. No folding means no pivots or hinges, no moving parts and therefore greater reliability. However the basic problem with all of these designs remains. What is the best way to throw something like this? Fortunately, at least for this particular blade, I may have an answer.

This basic design is a directional one, meaning that it would only stick or do damage if thrown in such a way that the blades rotate towards the target. Now in order to impart rotation to the blade, it would likely have to be held by one of the blades, with the blade facing upwards. However it could be done with either a pinch grip or even an underhand grip though I find an underhand grip a bit harder to use. Nonetheless either grip would allow for a strong throw, fairly good control and a clean release, which will ensure that at the end of the throw, you still have the same number of phalanges that you started with.

However regardless of how (in)effective this knife may be as a thrower, it is a cool design, and possessing a single piece, fixed blade/handle, suffers less from the short comings of the other flashy, super foldy, multi-bladed, throwing type objects that we have looked at in the past… And it’s black… You can’t beat that with a baseball bat… Well is suppose you could, but it wouldn’t be much use now would it? Might as well find some other way to vent all of your pent up hostilities… Ya might wanna try Krumpin’… I hear it’s a great stress reliever…

Black Ronin Double Bladed Thrower – [True Swords]


2 Responses to “Another Double Bladed… Throwing… Thing…”

  1. 1 MoZZA!
    October 23, 2008 at 11:31 am

    ….black ronin?!
    …… GrRrRrRrR ¬_¬

  2. October 23, 2008 at 11:26 pm

    Black Ronin indeed… :/

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