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Nzappa ZAP!!

No, before you even ask, I am not about to blog about a stun gun. Or Lightning. Or anything even related to electricity. Nor am I testing out the new knife forging and sharpening spells I learned at Hogwarts, even though though from the heading you might be tempted to think so. No, since I seem to be running into a lot of different throwing axes, I decided to “throw in” (pun intended… … … OK, y’all need to c-section that pregnant silence right now! Yes, that was corny, cheesy, whatever, just humor me and laugh anyway dagnabbit!!) a look at another interesting African style axe called… You guessed it! The Nzappa Zap!

Nzappa Zap

Nzappa Zap African Axe
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This axe, like one of my very favorite other knives, (which I plan to blog about in the very near future) is from the Congo, and features a funky design that is interesting and unique on many levels. First off you’ll notice that the handle is club shaped, with a rounded knob for a head, and a flared base. Another unique feature is how this club is attached. Instead of attaching an eye to the axe head, through which the handle is fixed, this axe head is attached to a post that is fixed through a hole in the nob on the head of the axe handle. Yet another difference, a necessary result of this design, is that the blade is attached to the post via a series of struts all attached to the post.

Functionally, this kind of axe was used in battle for close in combat, and could also be thrown at intermediate distances. A very unique, all around, multipurpose battle axe design. Not as wicked, dark or pointy as I like my weapons to be, but you can’t have everything now, can you… Hmmm… Maybe I could design a wicked mutant Nzappa Zap… With all points and wicked curves… and powder-coat it black… no, black chrome… Yeah… That would be awesome… Time to break out the sketchpad…

Nzappa Zap – [Widforss]

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