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Holey Whirling Hurlbats Batman!

OK, I just couldn’t resist the odd Batman reference, even though our weapon du jour has nothing really to do with either Batman, Batarangs, or even bats for that matter, except maybe for the fact that they are both made to fly through the air. Today we are going to look at another special throwing axe, (You may or may not call it a “Tactical” weapon of you want, I’m soo over that…) called the hurlbat. Now these are sweet. Below are a few interesting hurlbat designs:

Gothic <-> Holey Whirling <-> Crescent

A Gothic Hurlbat A fancy Hurlbat A Crescent Hurlbat
[view full size] – [view full size] – [view full size]

Pointy points, n curvy blades, just like I like ’em! BTW, in case you haven’t figured it out, the middle weapon is not officially called a “Holey Whirling Hurlbat”. I dunno what it’s called, but it’s got a hole in the blade, and it probably does whirl just as good as the next hurlbat, so I opted to employ the creative license afforded me by virtue of my ownership of this blog, and call it a “Holey Whirly Hurlbat”. Not to mention it sounds corny and Batman like, which I know will prolly elicit some random eye rolling. Hah! I saw that! Mission Accomplished!

Anyway, as you can see, a hurlbat was a very simple weapon, a solid piece of steel, with every practical point or edge sharpened to maximize it’s effectiveness. My kind of weapon! Now as throwing axes go, hurlbats represent some of the most basic but effective kinds of throwing weapons available to medieval warriors. Having no handle scales or padding and being of a one piece design, they would have been relatively simple to manufacture compared to a sword or dagger, and easy to maintain. Did I mention that this is my kind of weapon?

In fact the only strike, albeit a minor one, I would place against the medieval hurlbat would be that they weren’t double bladed. I’d mention the fact that they aren’t black, but that would just be me being nitpicky. There are modern day equivalents to the hurlbat, such as the excellent Beil-Ax, but the Beil-Ax is not as aesthetically pleasing to me as a Hurlbat. And its not black either. (Huh? Stop what? No. No, I won’t stop. I wont stop until someone starts making Black, double-bladed Hurlbats. In fact I refuse to stop until people start making more black weapons! I’ll Never Stop!! Oww!… Enough with the pinching already! OK, ok, I’ll stop, i’ll stop… Maybe…)

Gothic Hurlbat – [Arms and Armour Manufacture]
Fancy Hurlbat – [Arms and Armour Manufacture]
Crescent Hurlbat – [Arms and Armour Manufacture]

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