And Now… A Sword For Double Agents…

I think I may have mentioned before the insanity of naming a large piece of black steel anything with the words “secret” and “agent”. Notwithstanding my prior expose on the matter in a previous blog, I ran across yet another “agent” sword. Now this one only uses the name agent but is still almost as bad, name wise, as “secret agent” since the secrecy (and hence stealth) is still implied. What is not explained to us as potential “Agents” is how any agent, double or otherwise, would be able to maintain their secrecy with this strapped to their back.

Double Agent Sword

Double Agent Sword
[view full size]

Now I will readily admit that in spite of the constant marketing misnomers, there are some very interesting concepts out there, and this is one of them. A double bladed sword, with the blades on either end, as opposed to either side. This is in fact not a bad design, I can see how you could use this in one hand. You could choke up on the handle for reverse blade action or hold it further down to emphasize a hatchet grip style attack. Very cool.

Now I’d really like to see a double blade design where the blades are also facing opposite sides of the sword in addition to being on opposite ends, but I get the feeling it won’t happen unless I make one myself. In any case, this sword is a cool idea overall, and presents some interesting martial arts possibilities.

Double Agent Sword – [True Swords]


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