Slicin’ like Gang Busters…

Being a pretty avid computer gamer, I’ve played pretty much every genre of computer of video game at one point or another. However I never really got into some of the games that are real popular nowadays, like Final Fantasy. I do know, however, that Final Fantasy 7 lead protagonist wields one of the most distinctive, massive and intimidating swords that I know of. I’m talking about Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword from Final Fantasy 7.

Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword

Final Fantasy 7 Strifes Cloud Buster Sword
[view full size]

Here we have a 40″ sword, several inches wide and fairly thick to boot. I won’t even try to guess how much it weighs. I’m sure a thrice weekly sword training session would make for a great workout regimen. It’s probably how he keeps in shape. Just look at the thing! It’s bigger than he is! In fact, this might be the first example of a sword with built in shield functionality. Cloud could actually hide behind that thing!

I always find it interesting to watch the trend that fictional anime and game character swords have been following, getting bigger and bigger, and bigger. Stay tuned for more homongousword insanity…

Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword – [SwordSeller.com]


4 Responses to “Slicin’ like Gang Busters…”

  1. 1 ChroniclerLoki
    September 20, 2008 at 2:58 pm

    Of course this leads most, myself excluded, to wonder if he uses that sword to compensate for something, and I’m sure they have asked the same question of Sephiroth and his ginormous musashi or whatever its called. A samurai sword has no business being that large unless it is carried by someone twelve feet tall. Did cloud actually intend to use a sword this big? or did he raid a giant’s kitchen for a meat cleaver? Oh well. It is still an awesome sight to watch cloud smack random monsters around with that thing though. And I have plenty of experience with my roommate telling me that watching me beat up a constant series of random monsters with a sword twice the size of my character gets dull, but I have always found it quite entertaining lol.

  2. September 21, 2008 at 4:31 am

    Actually Cloud, Sephiroth, et al. were all genetically engineered, physiologically perfect (at least from a structural standpoint) super soldiers with superhuman strength.

    So I’m pretty certain they weren’t compensating for any other… ummm… shortcomings…, and they were certainly strong enough to be able to use such over sized blades effectively…

    In real life however, it would be sheer insanity to try and use weapons like these on a battlefield…

  3. 3 ChroniclerLoki
    October 5, 2008 at 11:26 am

    I’m not arguing that point with you, Actually I knew that as Final Fantasy VII is one of my favorite games. All I had said was that some were saying it was a compensation for…certain shortcomings. Me I think they carry them because it intimidates the competition and does quite a bit of damage in the process 😀

  4. October 12, 2008 at 8:28 pm

    meh, well, even that possibility is somewhat arguable. Any experienced soldier would probably start laughing if they saw an opponent drag a huge ass sword they could hardly carry onto the battlefield… 🙂

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